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Mirantis and Solace Systems have validated the Solace Virtual Messaging Router (VMR) on Mirantis OpenStack. Solace VMR is a high-efficiency messaging platform that runs on any IaaS. Multiple VMRs link into a messaging fabric that enables creation of messaging, IoT and similar applications with very high traffic volume, hosted on hybrid cloud infrastructure, and enabling interoperation and secure message exchange between VMRs on public and enterprise private IaaS platforms.

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Solace Systems Virtual Message Router - Cloud Edition

The Solace Virtual Message Router (VMR) is SolOS messaging technology that runs on general purpose processors instead of Solace purpose-built hardware. The VMR is intended to run on commodity hardware such as servers and laptops and where appliances are not appropriate such as IoT devices and in the cloud.

The Solace virtual message router is a software version of our SolOS messaging middleware technology that companies can use to deploy sophisticated message routing functionality into remote, cloud and IoT environments.

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