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Introducing Lens AppIQ: App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management

Write for us

Mirantis Press publishes long form educational guides on the cloud native space for technologists at all levels of expertise. Our readers may be DevOps engineers looking to brush up on the fundamentals of a new programming language, or orchestration savants diving headfirst into service mesh. Our aim is to support our readers’ learning no matter where they are in their DevOps journeys.

We are the publishing arm of Mirantis, the company that brings you open source projects such as Lens and k0s, the enterprise orchestration platform Mirantis Container Cloud, and more.

What we want

We’re looking for experienced writers and technologists with proposals for non-fiction books on cloud native technologies and adjacent topics. Examples of “cloud native” topics might include:

  • Stateful applications on Kubernetes

  • Observable infrastructure-as-code

  • Container security for developers

  • Other topics you propose

Topics should bespecificand should bear 15,000 words or more of focused explanation with hands-on tutorial. Our books aren’t just explainers—they are projects for the reader. Typically, our topics will be open source projects, or will use open source software to explore and implement a concept.

We arenotlooking for previously published content or guides to commercial products. We pay a fixed fee upon acceptance of a draft.

Contact us

Do you have a proposal that meets the guidelines above? Use the contact form to send us an abstract of at least 500 words. This should include a bit about your technology background as well as a general outline of what your book will cover, how it will move through the topic, and what sort of hands-on learning experience it will give the reader.