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Introducing Lens AppIQ: App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management


Need simpler tools to develop, manage, and secure applications on Kubernetes?

Lens AppIQ is a web platform that makes it easy to work with Kubernetes applications:

Kubernetes application developers get a complete, single-source-of-truth view of running applications: everything they need (and nothing they don’t) to release up to 38% faster, knock down bugs, plug security holes, and ensure high performance.

DevOps get a simple framework for automating deployment, defining and enforcing policies, flagging policy violations in real time, and reporting to ensure continuous security and compliance.

Plus: Lens AppIQ interoperates seamlessly with Lens Desktop – the world’s most popular Kubernetes IDE.

Try Lens AppIQ for free – set it up with any Kubernetes cluster in under five minutes. Or read our Solution Brief for more!