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Introducing Lens AppIQ: App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management


Lens Autopilot: Guaranteed Outcomes

Lens Autopilot + MSRE Eliminates Kubernetes Complexities For Good

If you want to reduce Kubernetes complexities and prevent developer burnout, we have the solution. Launch your innovation to new levels - results guaranteed.

In 12 months, you could achieve… 

  • 10x increase in application deployment speed

  • 75% reduction in security vulnerabilities

  • Accelerated time to remediation 

  • 2x-4x reduction in operational costs

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s a testimonial from a super-happy client. 

Our executives looked at Lens Autopilot like entering an insurance plan. We did all this work to migrate our cluster over, and Lens Autopilot provided assurance for the new Kubernetes deployments we invested in.”

“Choozle has been successful by choosing really great partners, and I would definitely put Mirantis on that list of great partners that we`ve had in our company`s history."

— Mike Baldassare, Choozle 

Kubernetes is complicated, but the real problem is when developers deal with these complexities on top of everything else they do. This is when burnout occurs. So as a solution, we do it for you. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late for your developers - implement a new hands-off solution for them today. 

With over 23 years of industry expertise, Mirantis is here to help.

Download now to find out exactly how Lens Autopilot + MSRE (Mirantis Site Reliability Engineers) can reduce Kubernetes complexities and developer burnout, so you can ramp up your innovations. 

You have nothing to lose - just the complexity of Kubernetes.