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When you head to production with Mirantis OpenStack – or whenever you need timely response to ensure your prototype timetable meets its goals – you can find peace of mind in knowing that we have your back. Once you’ve installed the Fuel control plane packaged with Mirantis OpenStack, we offer a complimentary 30-day basic trial support subscription to help you successfully deploy into your evaluation environment. 

Mirantis OpenStack Support

If you already have a support subscription, you can log in to our support portal below. For OpenStack Express users, a support subscription is included with your account.

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Support subscription features

Issue resolution

SLA options including 24×7 or 8×5 business hours, so you can get technical assistance when you need it, with the ability to report and track issues by phone or via the web support portal. Our support experts bring a combination of hands-on developer and administrator skills and experience in data-center environments, helping you identify, troubleshoot, resolve, and restore in timely fashion. 

Legal assurance

OpenStack environments comprise a large number of open source packages developed and continuously updated by a variety of vendors and individuals. Given the number of dependencies, there may be some risk of accidental intellectual property violations. Mirantis support subscribers are indemnified against claims of intellectual property infringements that may arise from your use of Mirantis OpenStack software.

Community engagement and advocacy

Our engineers are deeply involved in driving OpenStack open source innovation to customers and driving customer requirements into the OpenStack community code base. With real-world experience across scores of production deployments, we are able to land bug fixes quickly in the upstream code base, provide them to you as part of your Mirantis OpenStack subscription, and work towards their inclusion in subsequent community releases. 


Mirantis runs a global training program for OpenStack with public classes available every month at a variety of locations throughout the US. All customers subscribed to Mirantis’ support plan are granted a certain limited number of free seats at any Mirantis public training and are entitled to a discount off the standard price for the private training.