Unlock from your legacy Infrastructure – Migrate to OpenStack

Are you locked into existing infrastructure that’s not agile enough to meet the needs of your users and customers? Facing one or more of these challenges?

  • Spending too much on your AWS account?
  • VMWare licensing costs spiraling out of control?
  • Too many applications running on bare metal?
  • Taking too long to stand up applications on existing Infrastructure?
  • Locked into your existing proprietary vendor API’s and infrastructure stack?

OpenStack Workload Migration Services

Mirantis OpenStack Workload Migration services solve these challenges by quickly and cost-effectively migrating your applications and data to a Mirantis OpenStack cloud — letting you realize the benefits of an open, vendor independent, and scalable OpenStack environment.

Our OpenStack migration services include:

Workload Portfolio Assessment

Workload Portfolio Assessment to identify workloads best suited to redeployment on OpenStack infrastructure

Deployment of the latest OpenStack Codebase

Deployment of the latest OpenStack Codebase, validated and tested by Mirantis

Automated tools, fast and error-free migration

Automated tools and processes delivered in conjunction with Mirantis workload migration partners, providing fast and error-free migration

Cloud Load Testing and Go-live Validation

Cloud Load Testing and Go-live Validation for a smooth, surprise-free transition

Cloud Operating Services and Support

Cloud Operating Services and Support to ensure your OpenStack implementation meets target service levels as it grows and evolves

Workload Migration Use Cases

Mirantis services can help you with a wide range of migration scenarios, helping you reach your cost and agility goals while reducing the risks and uncertainties associated with a migration project. In addition to deploying an enterprise-grade OpenStack destination environment, our migration experts will work with you to address typical migration project challenges like:

Hosting your Dev/Test workloads on OpenStack and migrating them back into production onto your existing infrastructure

Keeping your critical databases and sensitive data on your existing infrastructure while migrating your web tier and other middleware applications to OpenStack

Migrating back office workloads and data from your bare metal or VMWare infrastructure to OpenStack

Migrating your web applications from Amazon Web Services to on-premise OpenStack

Migrating workloads from other “legacy” cloud platforms and consolidating your datacenter infrastructure on OpenStack

Seamlessly migrating your OpenStack workloads from the on-demand Mirantis OpenStack to a Mirantis OpenStack on-premise cloud, and back

Assuring availability of your cloud by leveraging on-prem and hosted cloud at the same time for bursting and disaster recovery

Migrating workloads between DCs

Moving applications from public to private cloud

Providing application availability during upgrades, reconfigurations etc.

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