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Introducing Lens AppIQ: App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management

Lens Autopilot - Continuous Integration & Delivery

Cloud native CI/CD and DevOps as a service, with guaranteed outcomes.

Building and maintaining secure, modern CI/CD pipelines at scale consumes too much time and money. Lens Autopilot frees your team from day-to-day DevOps tasks, so your developers can do what they do best: code.

We combine cloud native expertise and thoughtful automation to support the complete application lifecycle and help your team perform better.

Guaranteed Outcomes of Lens Autopilot

flexible-services-icon-medium-2x flexible-services-icon-medium-2x

5x - 10x

Increase in application deployment speed

secure-by-design-icon-medium-2x secure-by-design-icon-medium-2x


Reduction in security vulnerabilities

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Time to remediation

operation-costs-icon-medium operation-costs-icon-medium

2x - 4x

Reduction in operational costs


Learn Kubernetes 5 Minutes at a Time

Kubernetes is notoriously challenging—but many developers are expected to learn it on the run.

Download Now

Learn Kubernetes 5 Minutes at a Time

Kubernetes is notoriously challenging—but many developers are expected to learn it on the run.

Download Now

How it works

Running on Lens software, the world’s most popular graphical user interface for Kubernetes, Lens Autopilot continuously monitors your clusters in order to deliver proactive incident response. Meanwhile, a global pool of cloud native experts defines CI/CD automations and workflows tailored to your needs.

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Developer acceleration

Tailored CI/CD pipelines and GitOps workflows help you deploy apps faster than ever before, while real-time monitoring and proactive incident response (8x5 or 24x7) speed up time to remediation.


Continuous security

Real-time monitoring and continuous conformance and security audits identify pipeline security concerns, while our experts provide guidance on remediation, proactive maintenance, and policy-based security control with a visual role-based access control (RBAC) model.


Cost management

Cost and chargeback dashboards and visualized reports provide visibility into your Kubernetes expenses, so you can understand operational costs by projects or teams, breaking down each cluster and showing where idle resources are wasting money.


Upgrading and operationalizing

Lens Autopilot helps you manage infrastructure through upgrades, backups, application and team onboarding, and day-to-day issues, while integrating with the tools your organization depends on.


“The entire team at Mirantis was prepared and available for everything that we needed for the migration. Today we have a successfully migrated application that went from a legacy AWS Kubernetes cluster to a scaled, much more modern solution that preserves a better future for our application and our customers.”

— Mike Baldassare, Director of Product and Engineering Operations, Choozle

Lens Autopilot Timeline

Just 4 weeks until your clusters are enhanced and secured, CI/CD is up, and developers are productive on new workflow.

Get started with Lens Autopilot

Leave the DevOps headaches to us, so your developers can do what they do best — building apps and services that delight your customers and keep your business one step ahead of the competition.

Lens Autopilot Solution Brief

Learn more about how you can leverage a dedicated team of cloud native experts from Mirantis to transform your processes, optimize cost, and enhance security—so you can accelerate your business outcomes.

Lens Autopilot Datasheet

Find out more about everything included in your Lens Autopilot subscription, with a feature-by-feature breakdown.

Cloud native CI/CD and DevOps, solved

Combining the power of Lens in Kubernetes with Mirantis’ world-class cloud native expertise, Lens Autopilot delivers DevOps as a service for organizations that want to increase speed and security while reducing costs.

For teams ready to take their efficiency to the next level, Lens Autopilot integrates tightly with the rest of our suite to create a powerful ZeroOps stack:


Deliver applications seamlessly using our next-generation ZeroOps application delivery hub. Don’t waste time learning and running Kubernetes. Just push your code.

ZeroOps Cloud On Prem

Kubernetes, Swarm, and OpenStack for on-prem, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud—plus comprehensive managed services with guaranteed outcomes.

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