CaaS Feature Comparison

As the Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) market continues to grow, there are clear differentiators between offerings that matter to application developers and cloud operators alike. See below for a quick comparison of how Mirantis Cloud Platform enhanced with multi-cloud CaaS stacks up against other CaaS platforms, then download our full Comparison Matrix for in-depth analysis.

Mirantis CaaS

With Mirantis CaaS, developers gain full ownership of their applications, with the flexibility to provision their own Kubernetes clusters on an OpenStack private cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and/or bare metal, with support for Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and VMware soon to come. Mirantis CaaS also enables IT Ops teams to better support the needs of developers, accelerate the delivery of cloud-native apps, and maintain control of cloud infrastructure.

Mirantis Application Platform with Spinnaker
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