Mirantis Cloud Platform Components


Eventually your applications will need to be accessed by the outside world, and that means complex networking and permissions — and a challenge for Enterprise IT. By default, the Kubernetes LoadBalancer object is a stub that calls out to the underlying system for implementation, leaving most private cloud users without LoadBalancer support. For virtual workloads, MCP solves this problem by implementing the LoadBalancer object using Nginx; for baremetal workloads, MCP provides MetalLb to do the job.


Cloud applications are heavily dependent on complex networking, which can be a challenge for even the most experienced network administrators. Add with the constantly changing nature of the cloud, it’s impossible for manual procedures to keep up. MCP enables your applications to reach the outside world with CoreDNS. CoreDNS provides sophisticated networking functions for your on-premise cloud, including DNS, chainable plugins, and even the service discovery that is crucial for multi-cloud applications

CoreDNS makes it possible for you to programmatically control DNS and related network configurations, enabling you to configure external DNS so that your Kubernetes apps can talk to the external world.

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