Mirantis OpenStack is the most progressive, flexible, open distribution of OpenStack. In a single commercially supported package, it combines the latest innovations from the open source community with the testing and reliability you expect of enterprise software.

With Mirantis OpenStack 7.0, Mirantis responds to the needs of our largest cloud customers running mission-critical workloads with the most stable OpenStack distribution in the industry which also addresses the operational challenges of large-scale private clouds.

The 7.0 release features:

  • Expanded testing scope includes expanded longevity testing, scale testing covering Murano, Sahara, and Ceph, and automated hardening test-suite expanded to address bugs and security issues.
  • Simplified large-scale cloud deployment and management with Fuel usability improvements and network templates, and SSL endpoint protection.
  • Simplified push-button workload deployment in your OpenStack app catalog with Murano enhancements.
  • Support of your developers’ preferred container platforms including Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.
  • New Murano Kubernetes application provides a powerful hybrid cloud capability
  • Richer OpenStack clouds with NSX-v and vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) support.
  • Expanded Big Data support via Sahara capability for deployment of multiple Hadoop or Spark clusters in parallel and an updated plugin for HDP v2.2.
  • Support of OpenStack Kilo upstream release including production-ready packages, Fuel deployment and management software, and validated third-party drivers.
  • New capabilities through OpenStack Kilo features such as versioning support in Nova API for application longevity, ability to attach Cinder volumes to multiple VMs, and Distributed Virtual Router (DVR) to scale north-south traffic.

Click here to view the documentation for Mirantis OpenStack 7.0. There are also some Technical Bulletins that you should review.