Please note: Mirantis has realigned its portfolio and renamed several products. These include Docker Enterprise Container Cloud (now Mirantis Container Cloud), Docker Enterprise/UCP (now Mirantis Kubernetes Engine), Docker Engine - Enterprise (now Mirantis Container Runtime), and Docker Trusted Registry (now Mirantis Secure Registry).

Repeatable Validation for Continuously Delivered Infrastructure

As telecom operators increasingly adopt Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), they face the critical challenge of validating and certifying Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). For agile infrastructure offerings such as Mirantis Cloud Platform, which delivers continuous infrastructure updates, VNFs need to not only be validated for initial onboarding, but also frequently re-validated to keep up with the pace of infrastructure innovation. Additionally, as more operators adopt disaggregated infrastructure, combining multiple vendors in hybrid and/or multi-cloud deployments, validating VNFs becomes increasingly complex.

These factors create the need for an advanced framework for standardized repeatable testing to ensure the functionality and operational readiness of VNFs throughout the lifecycle of both VNFs and the various infrastructure components on which they are deployed.

The Mirantis VNF Validation Program provides an effective test and validation process, performed as often as necessary, to support a dynamic, agile and repeatable deployment environment for Mirantis Cloud Platform. We provide clear reporting and data at all stages of the program as we prepare VNFs for consumption by production orchestration solutions. We can also help accelerate adoption by identifying and assessing the best VNF for your business needs.

Testing VNFs with your Specific Environments

Most OpenStack VNF certification programs don’t validate VNFs beyond a generic lab environment, providing limited value to operators who need to ensure VNFs are safe to deploy into their unique production environments. The Mirantis VNF Validation program takes a more tailored approach to VNF validation and certification that establishes an active collaboration between Mirantis, operators and VNF vendors to ensure that VNFs can be successfully deployed with an operator’s actual NFV infrastructure environments, in alignment with the specific business objectives driving VNF adoption.

The program provides a customized validation process, success criteria and reporting format for your VNFs, along with a validated reference architecture that addresses your specific technical and business requirements, such as:

  • Throughput and latency goals
  • Compute infrastructure
  • Network chaining architectures
  • Business use cases
  • Physical network


Open with No Vendor Lock-in

Because all the components of the solution are open source, you can have all the logic, integration components and documentation and exit with a fully working solution.

Platform Agnostic

The solution is agnostic to the and cloud platform within MCP and test toolsets, giving you the flexibility to choose the best platform for your needs.

Customer Extensible

Extend the platform either through Mirantis Services or your own expertise.

LCM capabilities

The toolset provides Lifecycle Management for the end-to-end management of the VNF components and platform integrations.

Neutral to VNF vendors

The solution is neutral to the VNF vendors and won’t tie you to a single set of tools or test patterns.


Mirantis brings operational expertise with the VIM/NFVi platform, leveraging experience at many similar customers across the industry.

Validation Pipelines

Mirantis validates VNFs using MCP’s DriveTrain lifecycle management system, featuring customized CI/CD pipelines integrated with automated smoke, functional and performance tests. DriveTrain uses a repeatable, standardized process to automate the instantiation, scaling, monitoring, termination and final test reporting of VNF images.