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Webinar: Why on-prem should be an important a part of your cloud native strategy

Containers on Any Infrastructure

Managing Kubernetes and Swarm clusters is resource-intensive, non-differentiated work that reduces your ability to focus on more mission-critical engineering. Mirantis removes the pain of container orchestration with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, the enterprise-ready platform for deploying containers at scale, offering the fastest time to production for modern applications across any environment. Batteries included and swappable.

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is the only enterprise container platform that provides a simple, complete cloud native experience and a central point of collaboration across dev and ops to build, run, and scale cloud native applications.

Secure Containers Everywhere

Complete Platform for App Modernization

Empower developers to make decisions about when and where they deploy code. Decrease the time to value by having all the necessary dependencies working out of the box.

Instant-on Containers

Rapidly deploy, manage, and update production-ready Kubernetes and Swarm environments without requiring deep expertise, with the option to have Mirantis remotely manage complete operations of the full Kubernetes and Swarm stack.

Automated, Open and Extensible

Deploy a full stack of hardened open source technologies to enable cost savings with no vendor lock-in. Mirantis automates autoscaling, upgrades, configuration, and cluster management tasks so you can focus on what matters most.

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Simplified cluster management

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is equipped with Calico container networking and Istio Ingress, and can be customized to fit your needs. Manage clusters easily and apply updates non-disruptively through a simple web UI or API.

Any cloud or container

Run applications in any data center or cloud, on any architecture and on any operating system. Easily-switchable Kubernetes, Swarm, and mixed-mode orchestration on Linux and Windows workers.

Identity management

Easily integrate with your existing identity management solution and enable two-factor authentication to provide peace of mind that only authorized users are accessing your platform.

Integrated role based access control

Enable fine-grained security access control across your platform to ensure that only the necessary levels of access are available to those that need them, ensuring effective separation of duties where needed and enabling the principle of least privilege.

Choice of container orchestrator

With the option to select the best orchestrator to suit your needs, you can select from Swarm and Kuberentes, or have both available in a single cluster.

Ingress control built-in

With an Ingress controller included out of the box, you can get started deploying applications straight away without any fuss or wait time to provide user access to applications.

Calico networking for K8s

The leading choice for kubernetes networking is enabled out of the box and fully supported, ensuring that you can build and deploy applications quickly and with confidence that you can manage your network traffic.

Continuous compliance

Comply with corporate and architecture standards, trust the provenance of all applications, and ensure a secure separation of concerns — without impacting developer productivity.

Get started with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is best deployed and managed with Mirantis Container Cloud. For use with a small number of clusters, use with Mirantis Launchpad.

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What networking facilities are available to connect my containers to the real-world?


Containers deployed to Mirantis Kubernetes Engine have access to “batteries included, but swappable” networking and routing solutions. Project Calico, a highly scalable networking and routing solution, is included but can be swapped for a different CNI plug-in solution.


Do I have the option for two-factor authentication with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine?


Yes, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine supports enablement of two-factor authentication using a time-based one-time password application installed on a mobile device to generate a time-based authentication code for each login to the Mirantis Kubernetes Engine web UI.


I have a Swarm-based environment. Are these containers required to be separated away from a new Kubernetes deployment?


No, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is the only platform that allows execution of both Swarm and Kubernetes simultaneously on the same cluster.


What cloud hosting providers are supported?


Mirantis Container Cloud supports Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Equinix Metal with more options to come in the near future.


Can I support role-based access control (RBAC) to provide varying levels of access to different members of my team?


Yes, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine includes robust support for custom, fine-grained RBAC.

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