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Mirantis OpenStack is distributed as a single commercially supported package in ISO format. The 9.0 release features:

  • Enhanced OpenStack Lifecycle Management features in Fuel, including the ability to scale up/down, change configuration settings, and deploy new functionality, such as by adding plugins for Murano and StackLight
  • The ability to export Fuel configuration values to third-party configuration management tools
  • Enhanced features for NFVi and other high performance workloads, including support for NUMA and CPU-pinning, Huge Pages, SR-IOV and DPDK
  • Support for application and service orchestration with TOSCA

An update package for Mirantis OpenStack 9.2 is also available, please view the release notes. MOS 9.2 features include:

  • New Mirantis OpenStack update procedure that can handle environment customizations and updates Ansible mos-playbooks and Ceph
  • Service decomposition to separate Neutron, Keystone, MySQL and RabbitMQ services from the Fuel controller for improved scalability
  • Enhanced NFV features, including multiqueue support, VXLAN and IPv6 support for OVS DPDK, and OVS firewall driver support

Note: MOS 9.0 or 9.1 must already be installed in order to install the 9.2 update package. Completing this form will provide access to MOS 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2.

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