The Most Stable OpenStack Distribution

With Mirantis OpenStack 7.0, Mirantis responds to the needs of our largest cloud customers running mission-critical workloads with the most resilient OpenStack distribution to date which also addresses day two operational challenges. Based on OpenStack Kilo, Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 also includes new features to deploy rich and complex workloads on OpenStack, interoperates with VMWare NSX-v software-defined networking and enables deployment of multiple Big Data clusters in parallel.

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Optimized for Scale

This new release from the industry’s pure-play OpenStack distribution vendor allows you to operate your cloud at web-scale.

Enterprise-grade Stability

Build production clouds knowing that Mirantis takes OpenStack stability very seriously. In addition to being the #1 bug fixer in the community, we expand testing scope with every release. Our Scale testing lab now covers Murano, Sahara, and Ceph. Our automated hardening test-suite has been further expanded to address bugs and security issues. Finally, we also include relevant fixes backported from the latest Liberty release.

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Simplify Large-Scale Cloud Operations

Manage large clouds with new Fuel features to sort and filter nodes by attributes. Specify flexible underlay network topology in a simple manner with network templates. Tune your architecture by separating OpenStack services to dedicated nodes; or by deploying them on virtual machines for a small footprint. Integrate OpenStack with other IT systems securely using SSL endpoint encryption. Upgrade your OpenStack environment with less downtime and a new rollback capability.

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Proactive Monitoring

Mirantis has created the Logging, Monitoring, and Alerting (LMA) Toolchain, which consists of both the framework itself and a number of different Fuel plugins that use that framework. The LMA Toolchain is a collection of finely integrated best-of-breed open-source applications that bring the operational visibility and insights you need to effectively operate your OpenStack infrastructure. The LMA Toolchain plugins are now available for download.

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Support Richer Environments

Enhance your OpenStack environments through a number of new features.

OpenStack Cinder icon


Attach volumes to multiple VMs and extend & encrypt volumes

OpenStack Neutron icon


Scale North-South traffic with Distributed Virtual Router (DVR)

OpenStack Glance icon


Deactivate images with this new administrator feature

OpenStack Keystone icon


Build seamless hybrid clouds with hierarchical multi-tenancy

OpenStack Horizon icon


Migrate instances from hosts marked for maintenance

OpenStack Sahara icon


Deploy multiple Hadoop or Spark clusters in parallel

Improve Developer Productivity

Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 provides new functionality to further simplify push-button workload and development toolchain deployment on your OpenStack cloud.

OpenStack Richer Applications

Publish Richer Applications

Publish rich applications in your OpenStack app catalog with Murano enhancements, such as pluggable infrastructure orchestrators, improved role-based access control, and support for vCenter and Windows applications.

OpenStack Container Platform of Your Choice

Utilize a Container Platform of Your Choice

Support your developers’ preferred container platforms, including Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, with a secure, multi-tenant, elastic and self-service OpenStack infrastructure and the Murano app catalog. The new Murano Kubernetes application provides a powerful hybrid cloud capability enabling automated cluster scaling and cloud bursting.

OpenStack Long-lived Applications

Write Long-lived Applications

Write long-lived applications with the new Nova API versioning feature. The new API versioning feature in Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 offers micro-version support through v2.1 of the Nova API.

Maximize Infrastructure Flexibility

Increase infrastructure flexibility with new Fuel deployment plugins, improved VMWare integration and richer HortonWorks HDP experience.

Ever Expanding Ecosystem

Get more infrastructure choices through release of new Fuel deployment plugins for Project Calico and Solidfire flash storage array. Write richer Fuel deployment plugins that can define new node roles and reserve virtual IP addresses. Find a complete list of Fuel deployment plugins here.

The Most VMWare Friendly Distribution

Create richer VMWare OpenStack clouds with NSX-v and vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) support. These features build on the Mirantis OpenStack 6.1 VMWare functionality to further simplify networking for clusters consisting of both vSphere and KVM compute nodes. NSX-v allows vSphere users to utilize VMWare’s NSX SDN functionality, while VDS seamlessly interoperates with other Neutron-based SDN solutions.

Expand Big Data Support

Deploy multiple Hadoop or Spark big data clusters in parallel through new Sahara features. Gain additional flexibility via an updated plugin for HDP v2.2 that supports Ambari blueprints to provision expanded HDP services, event logs, and Hadoop clusters with local volumes.

Featuring Kilo Release

OpenStack Kilo is the 11th release with nearly 400 new features to enable software development, large-scale clouds and big data analysis. Kilo had 1,492 contributors out of which over 150 were from Mirantis. Mirantis, a top 3 contributor, was #1 in code-fixes, provided 38 core contributors and 2 project technical leads (PTLs), and made over 3,000 commits.

Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 is based on the OpenStack Kilo upstream release and includes production-ready packages, Fuel deployment and management software, and driver interoperability testing and validation. Find a complete list of all certified drivers here.

A complete list of features and improvements in Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 is described in our Release Notes.

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