The Most Stable OpenStack Distribution

Large telecommunications providers and Fortune 1000 enterprises depend on the stability of their private cloud to run mission critical workloads. Mirantis OpenStack 8.0, our latest distribution featuring the Liberty release, further extends the lead on stability by incorporating key learnings from these large customers.

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Mirantis OpenStack Architecture

Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 is different from other distributions. It gives you the ability to consume infrastructure innovation that fits your unique needs. While most OpenStack distributions are monolithic and include the hypervisor (and often other components like storage, SDN, PaaS,CMP or hardware too), Mirantis OpenStack ships the most robust OpenStack control-plane that interoperates with a variety of compute, storage and networking end-points for maximum flexibility. In addition to Ubuntu KVM and vCenter, Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 now manages Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (KVM) hosts by integrating preprovisioned RHEL7 nodes (outside the scope of Fuel management) into Mirantis OpenStack environments.

Make Your Developers More Productive

Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 has numerous additional enhancements to make your developers more productive, simplify day-1 (setup) and day-2 (ongoing) operations and enable your infrastructure architects to choose the best components for your needs.

Developers with performance-sensitive workloads such as Cassandra, Hadoop, NFV etc. often prefer bare metal servers. Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 includes Ironic, the OpenStack bare metal provisioning project; and Fuel now deploys and configures Ironic so developers can choose bare metal servers or VMs.

Cloud Foundry (CF) developers who take advantage of marketplace services find it difficult to move their application to a different environment. In Mirantis OpenStack 8.0, Murano services can be consumed in CF through Cloud Foundry Service Broker integration, providing users with tremendous portability without any lock-in.

Operate OpenStack with Ease


Operators often prefer to spread OpenStack services across multiple racks for high availability. This is now possible using L3 networking, allowing you to build true web-scale clusters.

OpenStack Fuel

Fuel is all about making OpenStack management easy. In Mirantis OpenStack 8.0, Fuel exposes a new equipment view of all your nodes, adds contextual help, allows specifying IP ranges for admin & management networks and provides information about plugin endpoints (e.g. IP address).

Component Compatibility

Prior to Mirantis OpenStack 8.0, users could inadvertently attempt incompatible configurations such as vCenter with Juniper Contrail. With a new component registry, get visual cues about which OpenStack components, including Fuel plugins, have been tested to interoperate with each other.

StackLight Monitoring

The previously introduced logging-monitoring-alerts (LMA) toolchain, now called StackLight, is enterprise-ready. StackLight v0.9 now includes clustering for key datastores to enable high availability and scalability, as well as additional libvirt metrics, alarms and dashboards.


Management of OpenStack, despite continued automation, has some manual steps. Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 addresses two important areas through a new Fuel capability to reconfigure selected settings in an existing cloud (e.g. parameters, enabling plugins etc.) and a new best practices guide to automate pushing of patches.

Faster Deployment

Deployment of a large cloud with complex configuration can sometimes be lengthy in time. Experience up to 2x faster deployment with the Tech Preview of a new feature called “Task Based Deployment” that parallelizes many deployment steps in Fuel.

Choose the Best Infrastracture That Fits Your Needs

Previously, infrastructure architects faced limitations in supporting the latest hardware drivers on their Ubuntu nodes given some impediments in the node discovery process. With Mirantis OpenStack 8.0, you can dynamically build the Ubuntu image with drivers or packages of your choice to solve this issue.

Infrastructure architects routinely deploy additional components in their OpenStack cluster, which is accomplished through Fuel deployment plugins. The number of community contributed Fuel plugins continues to grow and is now above 170. Check the Fuel plugin catalog page for official status on validation and availability.

Consume The Latest Innovation

Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 provides you the latest releases of OpenStack and Ceph, the leading software defined storage project used with OpenStack for block storage. Ceph also supports an object storage interface.

OpenStack Liberty — The 12th Release

OpenStack Liberty is the 12th release with Mirantis being the #2 contributor by reviews and the #1 bug fixer. Fuel, the deployment and management tool for OpenStack, is now an official OpenStack Big Tent project.

Ceph Hammer — The 8th Release

Ceph Hammer is the latest long-term release, with Mirantis being the #3 contributor. Gain significant huge bucket (containing millions of objects) performance improvement with bucket index sharding. Experience performance improvements in an all-SSD cluster. And get a richer object interface through features such as object versioning.

Making it Easier to Work with Mirantis

Operators need access to the most current knowledge to solve issues. Through our support subscription, gain access to a brand new knowledge base available on our support portal. Expand your knowledge of administering Mirantis OpenStack through the The OpenStack Fuel Administration (FUEL100) two day course.

Once an OpenStack private cloud is up and running, business leaders often require a workload strategy that covers topics such as an app catalog, cloud native app strategy and workload migration. Take advantage of our new application & service catalog professional services to create this strategy.

Consuming all of our products in one monolithic support agreement does not provide the most flexibility to operators. With the 8.0 release, you can get flexibility and focused support through three new products — Ceph, MOS packages (for users to consume our hardened packages directly) and StackLight.

A complete list of features and improvements in Mirantis OpenStack 8.0
is described in our Release Notes.

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