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Open source cloud infrastructure technology for network agility, higher developer productivity and to blaze ahead in the IaaS market

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Customers Demand Agility

Internal and external telco/ service provider customers are demanding agility. Traditional network customers need rapid provisioning of services with on-demand consumption models. Data center customers require public or private-managed IaaS services. Internal developers need AWS-like self-service IT that is API driven and can scale up or down to implement processes such as continuous integration and DevOps.

Network Operators

Join the NFV revolution

Network function virtualization (NFV) holds great promise for network operators. By running traditional network functions in VMs, NFV promises to cut service provisioning times from months to minutes, cut customer commitment periods from years to hours, slash the number of proprietary hardware platforms and simplify infrastructure management. A key prerequisite for NFV is the NFV infrastructure (NFVI) layer.

OpenStack has established itself as the defacto NFVI.

Network operators are fair in questioning whether the combination of two new technologies NFV and OpenStack is a ready for prime time or not. The answer, of course, is “it depends”. We believe network operators can put these two technologies into production for a set of limited use-cases such as vCPE, vIMS, vCDN etc. Given that OpenStack is 100% open-source and the velocity of new functionality and hardening is so rapid, that it is only a matter of time before NFV on OpenStack becomes deployed across the board.

Data Center & Business Cloud

Blaze ahead in IaaS

There are around 195 countries in the world. Public clouds are available only in half a dozen of these. Plus the IaaS market growing 100% annually. This means managed service providers (MSPs) and telco data center businesses have a short window of time to differentiate without ceding control of their roadmap to proprietary commercial technologies. MSPs and telcos will need to supplement public clouds with fully managed private clouds as well. Many look to OpenStack to achieve real vendor independence and deeper roadmap control. Mirantis OpenStack along with our optional managed services will result in a comprehensive IaaS product offering.

Internal IT

Outrun startups

Web 2.0s are using software as a way to provide products and services on top of telco and service provider networks, snatching away huge chunks of value in the process. The only way to match and outrun these startups is to create a development platform that enables innovation and increases software velocity. To accomplish this, developers are looking at internal IT to set up a private cloud with AWS like attributes. Mirantis OpenStack provides an ideal platform to enable a wide range of processes e.g. self-service IT, continuous integration, DevOps etc. Mirantis also offers the Murano software catalog to enable applications on demand and for container frameworks such as Kubernetes. Finally, we partner with projects such as Cloud Foundry to allow IT to offer PaaS to their developers.

As the largest independent vendor of OpenStack services and technology we provide Mirantis OpenStack, the original zero lock-in distribution developed by the strongest OpenStack engineering bench in the ecosystem. These capabilities give telcos and service providers the combination of speed-to-market and vendor independence required to succeed with their cloud initiatives.

We’ve taken hard-won years of experience with scores of real-world OpenStack production deployments and packaged them up into the Mirantis OpenStack distribution, with Fuel, a deployment and management tool for your entire cloud. Automatically discover new servers. Configure and verify your network. Test your deployment. Mirantis OpenStack puts it right at your fingertips, no messing with source code—unless you want to, no incompatible software versions, and no cobbling together packages required.

Our heritage of deep software and systems development, coupled with intimate knowledge of the OpenStack codebase, has made us the only organization in the OpenStack ecosystem with the engineering muscle and technical DNA to support the degree of complexity needed for service providers to succeed with OpenStack.

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Industry Solutions

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Industry Solutions

IaaS Environment

  • OpenStack NVFI
  • OpenStack-Based Private Clouds

Quickly stand up a production-grade OpenStack-based IaaS environment built with a proven OpenStack deployment Configurations using Fuel

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Work with you to tune your OpenStack platform, or help you integrate it with your billing or authorization systems

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