OpenStack IaaS provides an open, agile, maximally cost efficient and innovation-friendly way of hosting and managing NFV and delivering complete carrier solutions:

  • Hosting VNFs in appropriate VMs and/or containers
  • Conjoining NFV with SDN, vSwitch and OS kernel-level innovations
  • Placing NFV components under control of full-stack automation, orchestration, service composition, auto-scaling/elasticity, and policy management tools
  • Connecting NFV systems to service provider OSS/BSS
  • Powering modern DevOps toolchains and new development toolkits (like Intel® DPDK) for new service creation
Mirantis OpenStack for Telcos

Open NFV Reference Platform

The Mirantis CSP Solution comprises a hardened reference configuration of Mirantis OpenStack, compliant with the emerging ETSI-NFV reference architecture, designed for hosting virtual network functions (VNFs); chaining them with SDN and virtualized network apparatus designed to increase throughput and reduce overheads (like SR-IOV), providing them with associated services (like LB), and hosting VNF orchestration and control-plane applications. VNFs running on MOS NFVRP achieve resilience and scale using cloud-native strategies such as load balancing.

The Mirantis CSP Solution

NFV Infrastructure (NFVI)
In the Mirantis CSP Solution, core OpenStack plays the role of NFVI, including control-plane, drivers for compute, storage and software-defined networking — unlocking performance, thoughput and efficiency with technologies such as SR-IOV.

VNF Partner Ecosystem
Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) run on the NFVI as VMs or in containers. The Mirantis Unlocked NFV partner ecosystem offers VNF-based solutions for evolved packet core, CDN, WAN optimization, IMS, SBC, and other applications.

Mirantis Application Platform with Spinnaker
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