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Equinix Metal and Mirantis: Multi-Cloud without Confusion or Compromise

Recently, Mirantis completed the technical integration of Mirantis Container Cloud with Equinix Metal -- a global bare-metal cloud and connectivity provider whose 220+ data centers in 63 major metros sit adjacent to internet interchange points: close to customers in tech, finance, online media and advertising, and other industries. What does this mean? It means Mirantis Container Cloud can provision and manage …

How to Deploy and Monitor a Kubernetes Cluster Using Mirantis Container Cloud on Equinix Metal

One of the beautiful advantages of multi-cloud is the flexibility to choose the best cloud infrastructure for each of your workloads. For latency-sensitive applications like trading, telecommunications, MMORPGs, and telemedicine, this means having infrastructure close to customers and internet exchanges so you can shave off precious milliseconds from packet round-trip time. Here at Mirantis, we are super excited to partner …

Multi-cloud application orchestration on Mirantis Cloud Platform using Spinnaker

Let’s look at a hybrid app running Big Data analysis using a combination of components running on bare metal, in virtual machines, and in containers.

What is OpenStack Ironic, and why does bare metal matter?

One of the more significant additions to Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 is integration of OpenStack Ironic into Fuel, so we thought it would be a good idea to talk about what Ironic is and how it can give you bare metal performance with virtualization convenience.

Edge of the Stack: Understanding IPMI, the Underpinning of Bare Metal Provisioning

Articles and tutorials in the “Edge of the Stack” series cover fundamental programming issues and concerns that might not come up when dealing with OpenStack directly, but are certainly relevant to the OpenStack ecosystem. For example, bare metal provisioning requires the ability to programmatically turn a machine on or off, which is handled using IPMI. When computer networks grew large, the …

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