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Development Teams Need to Keep All Options on the Table

The ability to move code between platforms is an inalienable right that has also become a critical business imperative. Every developer knows that not every application workload runs equally well on all platforms. Developers in this day and age also need to be able to easily shift between platforms as platforms and business conditions evolve. Containers, along with the Kubernetes orchestration …

What is a Secure Software Supply Chain and Why Should I Care?

Recently there has been an increase in attacks that have compromised well known software companies' supply chains, enabling attackers to gain access to customer systems by injecting their own malicious code or backdoor capabilities into third-party systems. These third-party systems (along with the malicious code) then get incorporated into software or other digital products.  These risks are combined with the ongoing …

Toward a pure devops world: why infrastructure must be treated as software

While the bleed of apps to infrastructure was inevitable, the move to cloud native architecture makes automation essential. The infrastructure is very much a part of the application. 

How to deploy Spinnaker on Kubernetes: a quick and dirty guide

A reliable guide to deploying Spinnaker, including the magic steps it seems nobody ever talks about.

Hope is not a strategy: Continuous delivery and real world business

Ensuring that development and deployment are handled properly can be a challenge at best, and a nightmare at worst. You can hope things will work out, but hope is not a strategy.

Jenkins Tutorial: Changes to Github for CI/CD

Jenkins is crucial for CI/CD. But how do you get it to build the app when changes are pushed to your GitHub repo? Here’s a simple explanation.

“Not Our Software” Is No Excuse for Forklift Upgrades: CI/CD Using MCP DriveTrain — Q&A

Last week we spoke to Ryan Day about using Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) to keep not just your own software, but also externally produced software, up to date.

Mirantis Cloud Platform: The light at the end of the OpenStack tunnel (that’s not another train)

There’s no denying that the last year has seen a great deal of turmoil in the OpenStack world, and here at Mirantis we’re not immune to it. In fact, some would say that we’re part of that turmoil.

How to Take the CI/CD Plunge or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love OpenStack — Q&A

On Tuesday, March 3, Christopher Aedo and Nick Chase presented a webinar about Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and how you can use it to create better software. These are the questions and answers.

Setting Up an External OpenStack Testing System – Part 2

In this third article in the series, we discuss adding one or more Jenkins slave nodes to the external OpenStack testing platform that you (hopefully) set up in the second article in the series. The Jenkins slave nodes we create today will run Devstack and execute a set of Tempest integration tests against that Devstack environment. Add a Credentials Record on the Jenkins Master Before we can add …

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