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Devops or Mars-vs-Venus? Docker, OpenStack and Configuration as Code

The genuine popularity of Docker, and the considerable hype around it, reveals a key motivation that developers bring to cloud: configuration sucks. Assigning network permissions to an app, OS compatibility, library and service dependencies, data persistence rules, registry entries and all kinds of other parameters critical to making it work right — the first time and every time — is a headache. Sounds like a win for OpenStack and DevOps.

Beyond SDN to Open Platform Network Functional Virtualization

Here at Mirantis we’re excited to announce our participation in the Open Platform for NFV Project (OPNFV), launched this week by the Linux Foundation with the support of the key players in the NFV ecosystem. OPNFV will be a carrier-grade, integrated, open source reference platform intended to accelerate the introduction of new products and services. Mirantis joins OPNFV as a Silver Founding Member.

OpenStack in the gap between PaaS and IaaS

Early in my career, well before OpenStack, I emailed a joke to the dev team. The punchline: no one with a three digit IQ would debate whether Emacs was better than VI, or vice versa. What surprised me was the response I got; something like:“Hey, that was really offensive, and in poor taste. I can’t believe you would send that …

VMWare + Nicira not a bummer for OpenStack; Cisco needs to pedal faster

Is the Nicira acquisition good for OpenStack? Definitely. But before I defend my assertion, let's look at why this is good news. I'll start with Microsoft (though the old-school tech guys who need to pay attention are at Cisco; more on that in a moment). Microsoft don't get no respect in the infrastructure business -- not least when it comes to …

Lean Forward: Is GM’s Randy Mott the DevOps CIO?

One of my favorite business-technology-society-history books is The Machine that Changed the World, by a bunch of guys from MIT -- Womack, Jones, et al. In it, they describe the technological and organizational breakthroughs behind what we now know as lean, that revolutionary, begin-with-the-end-in-mind approach that drives agile thinking and end-user centric design, engineering and production processes. It originated radical …

NASA and OpenStack not lost in space — or in the cloud

A couple of weeks ago, just before GigaOM Structure (the cloud equivalent of short Indian Wedding), Twitter and the headlines rang out with the news that NASA, home of the space program, the Apollo moonshot, the International Space Station, and the space shuttles, was retiring yet another of its signature innovations: OpenStack. According to Information Week's headline, "NASA Drops OpenStack …

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