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Service Mesh for Mere Mortals: The history of service mesh and how it fits in vs. Kubernetes

We are thrilled to launch our inaugural book from Mirantis Press, Service Mesh for Mere Mortals, by Bruce Basil Mathews. Below we've shared the first three chapters of the book, where you can learn about the history of service mesh, and how service mesh fits in versus container orchestrators like Kubernetes. Download the full 100+ page eBook for free. Introduction The reason …

Development Teams Need to Keep All Options on the Table

The ability to move code between platforms is an inalienable right that has also become a critical business imperative. Every developer knows that not every application workload runs equally well on all platforms. Developers in this day and age also need to be able to easily shift between platforms as platforms and business conditions evolve. Containers, along with the Kubernetes orchestration …

Windows Server container users: Mirantis is here to support you

In coordination with Microsoft, today we are announcing that in September 2022, access and support for the Mirantis Container Runtime (formerly Docker Engine - Enterprise) will transition fully to Mirantis. If you’re currently using Windows Server containers, rest assured that they will continue to function the same as before. The main difference is that support, feature, and stability enhancements along …

Introduction to YAML: Creating a Kubernetes deployment

An introduction to YAML and how to use it to create Kubernetes Pods and Deployments.

Mirantis Container Cloud 2.7 Release

VMware support, proxy, artifacts caching, and UI improvements headline this release Mirantis Container Cloud 2.7 is now generally available, sporting a new provider enabling deployment and lifecycle management of Container Cloud Management, Regional and (Mirantis Kubernetes Engine) child clusters. Container Cloud can now perform all its functions on VMware clouds, including non-disruptive self- and child-cluster updates and upgrades, plus cache …

What is container orchestration?

Running a production application means more than simply creating a container and running it on Docker Engine. It means container orchestration.

Introduction to Kubernetes (K8s): The ultimate guide

Kubernetes abstracts the complexity of managing a fleet of containers, packaged applications that include everything needed to run.

The Forrester Multi-Cloud Container Development Platforms Wave Report, Reimagined With Docker Enterprise Container Cloud

It's difficult to create a report defining the "state of the industry" for an industry that moves as fast as cloud computing.  For example, Forrester recently published its Multi-Cloud Container Development Platforms Wave Report, covering nine leading vendors in the category, and in order to make the report "fair", every company was represented by the state of its offerings as …

Securing Your Containers Isn’t Enough — Webinar Q&A

Last week we presented a webinar with our partner Zettaset about containerized data encryption and why it's important. Here are the answers to your questions, provided by Bryan Langston and Uday Shetty of Mirantis and Tim Reilly and Maksim Yankovskiy of Zettaset. View webinar slides and recording Why is encryption so important if we wrap our existing security around all workloads? It goes …

Securing Your Containers Isn’t Enough

The following is a guest post by Tim Reilly, CEO of Zettaset, a partner of Mirantis that provides first-of-its-kind, software only encryption solution that protects containers from data theft in any physical or virtual environment. Containers have many use cases and benefits, but despite their impact, containers also create a host of new security challenges. Containers have short lifespans and move …

The Role of Enterprise Container Platforms

More than just a runtime for applications, a container platform provides a complete management solution for securing and operationalizing applications in containers at scale over the entire software lifecycle.

What We Announced Today and Why it Matters

Today we announced that we have acquired the Docker Enterprise platform business from Docker, Inc. including its industry leading Docker Enterprise and 750 customers. Why Docker Enterprise, and Why Now? Docker led the container revolution and changed the world towards a better way to build, share and run software. No infrastructure company has had a bigger impact on developers in the last …

Can we stop pretending everything is going to run in containers?

Containers are not the only technology out there — and they never will be.

Docker Tools for Modernizing Traditional Applications

Over the past two years Docker has worked closely with customers to modernize portfolios of traditional applications with Docker container technology and Docker Enterprise, the industry-leading container platform. Such applications are typically monolithic in nature, run atop older operating systems such as Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2003, and are difficult to transition from on-premises data centers to the public cloud. The …

5 Reasons to Containerize Production Windows Apps on Docker Enterprise

We started working with Microsoft five years ago to containerize Windows Server applications. Today, many of our enterprise customers run Windows containers in production. We’ve seen customers containerize everything from 15 year old Windows .NET 1.1 applications to new ASP.NET applications. If you haven’t started containerizing Windows applications and running them in production, here are five great reasons to get started: 1. …

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