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Tag: DevOps

Toward a pure devops world: why infrastructure must be treated as software

While the bleed of apps to infrastructure was inevitable, the move to cloud native architecture makes automation essential. The infrastructure is very much a part of the application. 

What to expect in Kubernetes 1.8: an early look at where k8s is going

The release includes early versions of a number of different developments that provide additional features and control, including a fundamental change to how Kubernetes runs.

“Not Our Software” Is No Excuse for Forklift Upgrades: CI/CD Using MCP DriveTrain — Q&A

Last week we spoke to Ryan Day about using Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) to keep not just your own software, but also externally produced software, up to date.

Bailian: From Brick & Mortar to Brick & Click using OpenStack, DevOps

Chinese retail giant Bailian Group transitions from brick and mortar to omni-channel commerce by using OpenStack and DevOps for increased innovation, faster time-to-market, and efficient operations.

Devops or Mars-vs-Venus? Docker, OpenStack and Configuration as Code

The genuine popularity of Docker, and the considerable hype around it, reveals a key motivation that developers bring to cloud: configuration sucks. Assigning network permissions to an app, OS compatibility, library and service dependencies, data persistence rules, registry entries and all kinds of other parameters critical to making it work right — the first time and every time — is a headache. Sounds like a win for OpenStack and DevOps.

What's New in Kubernetes 1.18