Please note: Mirantis has realigned its portfolio and renamed several products. These include Docker Enterprise Container Cloud (now Mirantis Container Cloud), Docker Enterprise/UCP (now Mirantis Kubernetes Engine), Docker Engine - Enterprise (now Mirantis Container Runtime), and Docker Trusted Registry (now Mirantis Secure Registry).

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Extending Kubernetes to Windows Server with Docker Enterprise Edition

Docker and Microsoft have been working together since 2014 to bring containers to Windows and .NET applications. Today at DockerCon, we share the next step in this partnership with the preview and demonstration of Kubernetes on Windows Server with Docker Enterprise Edition. Docker and Microsoft Advance Windows Containers Docker and Microsoft brought container technology into Windows Server 2016, ensuring consistency for the same Docker Compose …

Docker: (a few) Best Practices

How to avoid spending hours of debugging on your own…

OK, I give up. Is Docker now Moby? And what is LinuxKit?

This week at DockerCon, Docker made several announcements, but one in particular caused massive confusion as users thought that “Docker” was becoming “Moby.”

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.6 — a focus on stability

You can get an in-depth look at all of the new features in the Kubernetes 1.6 release notes, but let’s get a quick overview here.

Scaling with Kubernetes DaemonSets

With DaemonSets, any time you have a node that belongs to a particular set, it runs the pods you specify.

Docker Run: How to create images from an application

Now we’re going to get deeper into Kubernetes development by looking at creating new Docker images so you can deploy your own applications and make them available to other people.

Docker Engine 1.12 embeds Swarm. Is there an agenda?

This is not Docker Swarm as a separate product, it’s swarm integrated natively into Docker Engine, so that it can be turned on and off and provide orchestration without programming.

How do I build a containerized app on Mirantis OpenStack with native Docker tools?

Let’s look at what’s really going on behind the scenes by building a containerized application on OpenStack using native Docker tools.

Murano, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud environments in OpenStack (Q&A)

There’s lots of talk about multi-cloud environments, but not everyone realizes it’s already possible to create a single cloud that can span, say, OpenStack and Google Container Engine.

Magnum vs Murano: An OpenStack container strategy

It’s no surprise that projects have sprung up to make it possible to use containers from within OpenStack. But how do you choose?

HPE makes a deal with Microsoft, provides enterprise-grade Docker

HPE has made some interesting moves, announcing both a new set of tools optimized for containers at DockerCon Europe, and a new agreement to become a reseller of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Community takes a holistic view of OpenStack – but in which direction?

As OpenStack matures and begins to see serious adoption in real world production environments, the community takes a more practical look at where it fits into the technology ecosystem.

Yes, containers need OpenStack

Even now, the conversations are still going on, as developers and architects try to decide on the “right” way to construct these applications — and whether and where OpenStack fits into the picture.

CoreOS Tectonic and Mirantis OpenStack: because this is your business

Most companies choose a distribution — and the support that comes with it — for OpenStack. You can see the same phenomenon at play in the nascent world of containers and container orchestration.

Docker on OpenStack with Kubernetes

If you’re building applications for OpenStack and deploying them with Docker containers, you need a powerful, usable management tool to integrate with OpenStack. That tool is Kubernetes.