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K0s as a Lightweight Kubernetes Distro Designed to Mitigate IoT Security Challenges

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are everywhere. Whether at home, in a grocery store, or at work, IoT devices are all around us -- but IoT isn’t a single market, and it doesn’t permit one-size-fits-all solutions.  Instead, technology providers leverage a dizzying portfolio of technologies to support distinct, vertical-specific business outcomes for customers. Organizations and businesses need to find a way …

Mirantis Newsletter for September 2021

Every month, the team at Mirantis sends out a newsletter chronicling top industry and company news. Below you'll find links to thought leadership articles, blogs, tutorials, and the latest updates to our enterprise and open source products. If you don't currently receive the newsletter, you can subscribe via the form on the right. Press Releases Latest Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes Delivers …

How to build a simple edge cloud: Q&A

Last week we held a webinar explaining the basics behind creating edge clouds, including a live demo, but we didn’t have enough time for all of the questions. So as is our tradition, here are the Q&As, including those we didn’t get to on the call.

Securing applications at the Edge with Trusted Docker Containers

Mirantis has partnered with Intel to secure the last mile in Docker Enterprise Platform to hardware primitives in Trusted Platform Module (TPM), leveraging Intel Platform Trust Technology (Intel PTT). 

How to build an edge cloud part 1:  Building a simple facial recognition system

Learn about the basics of building an edge cloud — and build a facial recognition system while you’re at it.

Will Edge Computing Reverse Network Virtualization Momentum?

With edge, we have closed vendor solutions and open reference architectures, but nothing for VNF and software vendors to build on top of. Changing that is the first step towards virtualized edge.

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