Please note: Mirantis has realigned its portfolio and renamed several products. These include Docker Enterprise Container Cloud (now Mirantis Container Cloud), Docker Enterprise/UCP (now Mirantis Kubernetes Engine), Docker Engine - Enterprise (now Mirantis Container Runtime), and Docker Trusted Registry (now Mirantis Secure Registry).

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Mirantis Training Update, June 2015: Answering Common Student Questions

During our training sessions for OpenStack, we often get some excellent questions from our students. We’ve kept track of all of our students’ questions and will start working our way through answering those questions here on this blog.d

Seeing Murano Actions in action

The Juno release of Murano introduces the new Murano actions feature, which allows you to manage application components after application deployment. In this blog post we look at the basic concepts of using Murano actions for specific autoscaling and high availabilty (HA) use cases.

Missing Building Blocks for Enterprise OpenStack: Part 1 – High Availability

It’s a great time to be an OpenStack company – you get the majority of data for marketing and product management by simply talking to customers and partners every day. Nevertheless, the landscape is quite competitive – so both for the community and for individual vendors, it’s important to build and prioritize the feature backlog wisely, all while being clear on who wants what. I’ll call “captain obvious” here, but still, the needs of the Enterprise are quite different from those of a service provider, a government, or some “web-scale” IT shop.

What's New in Kubernetes 1.18