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The Time to Regain Control Over Multicloud Computing is Now

The great paradox of IT today is that while the individual cost of running a workload has decreased over the years thanks to the rise of cloud computing, the actual total cost of IT has increased. The main reason for this is that each IT platform employed is managed in isolation from all the other IT platforms that an organization …

Mirantis Container Cloud Expands Cloud Choice with Microsoft Azure Support

The rapidly changing business requirements which IT organizations are faced with today have many looking at moving their operations to cloud-native strategies. In today’s landscape, there are many options for where to host your infrastructure — from internal private clouds to a wide range of public cloud offerings — or some combination of them all. But selecting a cloud partner, …

Gartner faults AWS, Microsoft and Google for aggressive sales tactics, confirming the need for multi-cloud

Freedom from vendor lock-in is as urgent as ever for enterprise clouds. This is a crucial insight to glean from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services, published in July. In the report, analysts Raj Bala and Bob Gill named questionable, often overly aggressive sales tactics among the top three problems they found with market leaders Amazon Web …

The importance of Multi-Cloud Thinking

Enable developers to build apps rapidly in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment while protecting user and internal data by deploying a layered set of systems using a standardized set of tools.

Murano, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud environments in OpenStack (Q&A)

There’s lots of talk about multi-cloud environments, but not everyone realizes it’s already possible to create a single cloud that can span, say, OpenStack and Google Container Engine.

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