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Tag: Ingress

Introduction to Istio Ingress: The easy way to manage incoming Kubernetes app traffic

Istio Ingress is a subset of Istio that handles the incoming traffic for your cluster.

Istio Webinar Postmortem

Live demos are a thing of beauty — you never know when the demo gods will decide to break your precious setup. During yesterday's webinar, Your Application Deserves Better than Kubernetes Ingress: Istio vs. Kubernetes, the first thing I wanted to show during the Istio demo was exposing an app using NodePort. Applying the deployment file resulted in the following: $ …

Kubernetes Service YAML, Part 2:, Ingress & repeated nodes

We look at enhancing your YAML documents with repeated nodes in the context of Kubernetes Services, Endpoints, and Ingress.

What's New in Kubernetes 1.18