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Service Mesh for Mere Mortals: The history of service mesh and how it fits in vs. Kubernetes

We are thrilled to launch our inaugural book from Mirantis Press, Service Mesh for Mere Mortals, by Bruce Basil Mathews. Below we've shared the first three chapters of the book, where you can learn about the history of service mesh, and how service mesh fits in versus container orchestrators like Kubernetes. Download the full 100+ page eBook for free. Introduction The reason …

Service Mesh for Mere Mortals addenda: Kube-router and Calico networking, installing Prometheus and Grafana manually and more

Because we wanted to keep the book Service Mesh for Mere Mortals short and consumable, there was a lot of interesting (but peripheral) content we had to cut.  We did, however, want to make sure it was available to you if you want it, so we're presenting it here. Troubleshooting k0s installation For the sake of thoroughness and to assist the reader …

Kubernetes Replication Controller, Replica Set and Deployments

Kubernetes was designed to orchestrate multiple containers and replication. In this article, we’ll look at three options: Replication Controllers, Replica Sets, and Deployments.

Development Teams Need to Keep All Options on the Table

The ability to move code between platforms is an inalienable right that has also become a critical business imperative. Every developer knows that not every application workload runs equally well on all platforms. Developers in this day and age also need to be able to easily shift between platforms as platforms and business conditions evolve. Containers, along with the Kubernetes orchestration …

K0s as a Lightweight Kubernetes Distro Designed to Mitigate IoT Security Challenges

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are everywhere. Whether at home, in a grocery store, or at work, IoT devices are all around us -- but IoT isn’t a single market, and it doesn’t permit one-size-fits-all solutions.  Instead, technology providers leverage a dizzying portfolio of technologies to support distinct, vertical-specific business outcomes for customers. Organizations and businesses need to find a way …

Kubernetes Secrets in a Multi-Cluster Environment

When leveraging Kubernetes in large enterprise environments, we often need to spread infrastructure out over multiple clusters. We call this architectural pattern a multi-cluster environment, and while it  can enable great benefits, it also comes with new challenges. In this post, we will explore the common problem of handling confidential information in multi-cluster environments -- and how to make that …

Mirantis Newsletter for September 2021

Every month, the team at Mirantis sends out a newsletter chronicling top industry and company news. Below you'll find links to thought leadership articles, blogs, tutorials, and the latest updates to our enterprise and open source products. If you don't currently receive the newsletter, you can subscribe via the form on the right. Press Releases Latest Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes Delivers …

Lens 5.2 adds Apple M1 support, Monaco integration, and smoother user experience

Mirantis is proud to announce the release of Lens 5.2, bringing exciting updates to the popular open source integrated development environment (IDE) for Kubernetes. This release consists of several new and improved features, including Apple M1 chip support, a streamlined user experience when adding or removing clusters, Monaco editor integration, and more.   Learn more about the new features and enhancements below, …

Mirantis OpenStack for K8s 21.4 Delivers Greater Scalability and Enhanced Connectivity

We are pleased to announce the availability of Mirantis OpenStack for K8s, version 21.4. This release includes a number of important enhancements that enable our customers to support a broader scale of deployment, extend their private clouds over public networks and ensure they have a path of robust support with OpenStack Victoria LTS. Key new features include: Support for large deployments based …

k0s 1.22 brings the latest and greatest Kubernetes features

Mirantis is pleased to announce, k0s - Zero Friction Kubernetes - version 1.22 is now available for all Kubernetes users!  The highlights of this release include support for Kubernetes 1.22, the ability to disable pre-built-in components, updated upstream components and removal of iptables dependencies. In addition, you’ll find a number of other enhancements and improvements brought to k0s with this release. …

Reduce Network Latency: How to Beat the Internet at its Own Game

One exciting part of our partnership with Equinix has to do with the fact that this collaboration will enable Mirantis customers to create data centers that essentially use “wormholes” to create shortcuts to the rest of the internet by taking advantage of internet exchange points, or interchanges.

How to Deploy and Monitor a Kubernetes Cluster Using Mirantis Container Cloud on Equinix Metal

One of the beautiful advantages of multi-cloud is the flexibility to choose the best cloud infrastructure for each of your workloads. For latency-sensitive applications like trading, telecommunications, MMORPGs, and telemedicine, this means having infrastructure close to customers and internet exchanges so you can shave off precious milliseconds from packet round-trip time. Here at Mirantis, we are super excited to partner …

The Value of Kubernetes as a Substrate for Complex Software, or Why We Containerized OpenStack [webinar]

Recently we hosted a webinar where Field CTO Shaun O'Meara talked to Product Manager Artem Andreev about how we containerized OpenStack so it could take advantage of the strengths of Kubernetes. We wanted to share an excerpt of Artem's presentation below. If you would like to view the full-length webinar recording, please click here.  Challenges of OpenStack lifecycle management What are the …

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