Please note: Mirantis has realigned its portfolio and renamed several products. These include Docker Enterprise Container Cloud (now Mirantis Container Cloud), Docker Enterprise/UCP (now Mirantis Kubernetes Engine), Docker Engine - Enterprise (now Mirantis Container Runtime), and Docker Trusted Registry (now Mirantis Secure Registry).

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Q&A from our NFV Webcast with Mirantis and Metaswitch

We recently hosted Mirantis Director of Product Management for NFV Sutapa Bansal and Metaswitch VP of Product Marketing Micaela Guihat for a webinar on deploying NFV with OpenStack.

Mirantis launches NFV initiative with partners Citrix, Metaswitch and Overture

Mirantis is adding NFV-required features to make a carrier-grade OpenStack distribution that offers a small physical footprint, HA, and other NFV features.

Unlocking the Communications Industry with NFV and Pure-Play OpenStack

Mirantis helps telcos and service providers save money, move faster, and innovate with fewer roadblocks, by providing a hardened OpenStack platform.

Metaswitch Launches Project Calico: Open Source Layer 3 Virtual Networking

Network virtualization pioneers Metaswitch Networks announced the launch of Project Calico, to which they’ve contributed the initial codebase under a (permissive) Apache license. Calico uses Layer 3 internet core routing technologies and tools like Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for route discovery to network VMs and hosts, whole datacenters, and multiple datacenter locations via carrier networks. The Calico project is part of Metaswitch’s Neuron initiative, which provides a continuous framework for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) that meets the needs of both datacenter operators running VM/host architectures with lots of virtualized tenant clusters and networks (i.e., the typical OpenStack use-case), and carriers building extremely high-density data centers that virtualize at Layer 3 and may use container-based (e.g., Docker, Flynn) isolation schemes.