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Cloud Native Data Center as the Future of Modern Infrastructure [webinar]

What is a cloud native data center? With the recent announcement of Mirantis Flow, our new data center-as-a-service solution, there’s been a lot of talk about this concept of a cloud native data center and the impact it will have on the future of cloud native infrastructure. Below, you will find a complete definition from Mirantis Field CTO Shaun O’Meara along …

3 Ways to Get Started with Mirantis Container Cloud on Equinix Metal

Pairing Mirantis Flow’s Data Center-as-a-Service with the world-class bare metal at Equinix can make cloud native infrastructure management a breeze. If you’d like a small taste of the simplicity and freedom that Mirantis and Equinix can bring to your data center, here are a few ways to get started: 1) Get insights from the hybrid multi-cloud experts In this session from Equinix’s …

Mirantis Container Cloud 2.12 Release

Today we welcome the newly released version 2.12 of Mirantis Container Cloud. In this release, our focus was to improve integration and interoperation with other technologies. We are excited to announce full support of Mirantis Container Cloud on top of Mirantis OpenStack with OvS technology, along with significant improvements to metrics and alerting. Interoperation and integration are vital to the flexible …

Infra ops made easy: Breathe a sigh of relief with OpsCare guaranteed outcomes

What is your company’s core expertise? Whether it’s investment banking, automotive manufacturing, outpatient healthcare, or what have you, this is where you want to be investing your energy and resources as a business. However, software has become a key differentiating factor across all industries, and best practices veer increasingly towards open source and cloud native components and methodologies. As a …

Mirantis Container Cloud 2.11 Previews Azure Support, Improves Usability and Stability

The newly released Mirantis Container Cloud 2.11 yet again delivers a diverse set of features, designed to improve usability and stability for the multi-cloud platform. Highlights of the release include support for Microsoft Azure as an infrastructure provider (Technical Preview), full support for AWS private endpoints, improved UX for Day 2 operations, and more. In total, we delivered a whopping 120 …

Reduce Network Latency: How to Beat the Internet at its Own Game

One exciting part of our partnership with Equinix has to do with the fact that this collaboration will enable Mirantis customers to create data centers that essentially use “wormholes” to create shortcuts to the rest of the internet by taking advantage of internet exchange points, or interchanges.

Equinix Metal and Mirantis: Multi-Cloud without Confusion or Compromise

Recently, Mirantis completed the technical integration of Mirantis Container Cloud with Equinix Metal -- a global bare-metal cloud and connectivity provider whose 220+ data centers in 63 major metros sit adjacent to internet interchange points: close to customers in tech, finance, online media and advertising, and other industries. What does this mean? It means Mirantis Container Cloud can provision and manage …

How to Deploy and Monitor a Kubernetes Cluster Using Mirantis Container Cloud on Equinix Metal

One of the beautiful advantages of multi-cloud is the flexibility to choose the best cloud infrastructure for each of your workloads. For latency-sensitive applications like trading, telecommunications, MMORPGs, and telemedicine, this means having infrastructure close to customers and internet exchanges so you can shave off precious milliseconds from packet round-trip time. Here at Mirantis, we are super excited to partner …

Gartner faults AWS, Microsoft and Google for aggressive sales tactics, confirming the need for multi-cloud

Freedom from vendor lock-in is as urgent as ever for enterprise clouds. This is a crucial insight to glean from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services, published in July. In the report, analysts Raj Bala and Bob Gill named questionable, often overly aggressive sales tactics among the top three problems they found with market leaders Amazon Web …

What’s new in Mirantis Container Cloud 2.10

New versions of Mirantis Container Runtime & Mirantis Kubernetes Engine. Improved security, storage & cloud infrastructure management.

Lens Integration with Mirantis Container Cloud 2.9

With this week's release of Mirantis Container Cloud 2.9, I'd like to take a moment to highlight some new, exciting, time-saving features. Container Cloud now integrates seamlessly with Lens, allowing you to open your clusters in Lens with a single click!   Container Cloud Lens extension You may already be aware of our open source Container Cloud Lens extension. We built this …

Mirantis Container Cloud 2.9 overview

The new release of Container Cloud is focused on improving the user experience with different aspects of the administration and operation of the cloud. On VMware, you can now select resources from lists pulled by MCC from your VMware cluster. On other providers, improved management of SSL certificates and SSH keys was added. Bootstrap was optimized for using from a …

Mirantis Container Cloud 2.8 brings more control and visibility

Mirantis Container Cloud 2.8 brings more control and visibility

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