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Cloud Native Data Center as the Future of Modern Infrastructure [webinar]

What is a cloud native data center? With the recent announcement of Mirantis Flow, our new data center-as-a-service solution, there’s been a lot of talk about this concept of a cloud native data center and the impact it will have on the future of cloud native infrastructure. Below, you will find a complete definition from Mirantis Field CTO Shaun O’Meara along …

3 Ways to Get Started with Mirantis Container Cloud on Equinix Metal

Pairing Mirantis Flow’s Data Center-as-a-Service with the world-class bare metal at Equinix can make cloud native infrastructure management a breeze. If you’d like a small taste of the simplicity and freedom that Mirantis and Equinix can bring to your data center, here are a few ways to get started: 1) Get insights from the hybrid multi-cloud experts In this session from Equinix’s …

The data center as you know it is about to change, and you get the benefits

Here at Mirantis we do a lot of thinking about outcomes. After all, you don't care how hard we work or what exciting rounding features we talk about, you only care about whether your job gets done and accomplishes what you expected it to. And rightfully so! So we've decided to do something about it. Recently we launched an initiative designed …

Development Teams Need to Keep All Options on the Table

The ability to move code between platforms is an inalienable right that has also become a critical business imperative. Every developer knows that not every application workload runs equally well on all platforms. Developers in this day and age also need to be able to easily shift between platforms as platforms and business conditions evolve. Containers, along with the Kubernetes orchestration …

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