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Introducing Virtlet: VMs and Containers on one OpenContrail network in Kubernetes — a new direction for NFV?

Virtlet is a Kubernetes CRI (Container Runtime Interface) implementation for running VM-based pods on Kubernetes clusters.

Intelligent NFV performance with OpenContrail

When it comes to NFV, Packets Per Second (PPS) is often overlooked, but it’s vitally important. How do you get the most of it over OpenContrail in OpenStack?

OpenStack Neutron LbaaS integration with physical F5 in OpenContrail SDN

In this blog we would like to show how to integrate physical F5 under OpenContrail SDN and create Load Balancer pools through standard Neutron LbaaS API. Load Balancers are very important part of cloud and OpenStack Neutron has enabled to use LbaaS features since release Grizzly. However upstream implementation with OpenvSwitch/HAProxy does not provide High Availability by design. SDN OpenContrail provides …

Mirantis OpenStack integrates Juniper Contrail

OpenStack is meant to be pluggable; you should be able to swap out components as necessary (or desired). Normally, we’re talking about hardware–as long as you have the proper drivers, you can use pretty much any hardware to run your OpenStack cloud–but it also applies to additional systems such as Software Defined Networking components.