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OpenStack Neutron Performance and Scalability: Testing summary

We performed density and performance tests on OpenStack Neutron to determine whether it was ready for large-scale production environments; here’s what we found out.

How small is too small? A minimal OpenStack testbed

When I started working on OpenStack I wanted to test all kinds of things and had no budget to build even a scaled-down test environment. And I know many engineers often test changes on mission critical systems in production because of their organization’s financial constraints, even at the real risk of downtime, lost revenue, and unhappy customers. Not to mention that testing in production is not as thorough as it could be. Here are some solutions.

Building QA test environments with OpenStack

According to last October’s OpenStack user survey, QA test environments are one of the top ten workloads running on OpenStack clouds. In this post, I’ll describe how staging environments are built, and explore ways that OpenStack can make this process easier and more efficient.

Setting Up an External OpenStack Testing System – Part 2

In this third article in the series, we discuss adding one or more Jenkins slave nodes to the external OpenStack testing platform that you (hopefully) set up in the second article in the series. The Jenkins slave nodes we create today will run Devstack and execute a set of Tempest integration tests against that Devstack environment. Add a Credentials Record on the Jenkins Master Before we can add …