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Kubernetes Secrets in a Multi-Cluster Environment

When leveraging Kubernetes in large enterprise environments, we often need to spread infrastructure out over multiple clusters. We call this architectural pattern a multi-cluster environment, and while it  can enable great benefits, it also comes with new challenges. In this post, we will explore the common problem of handling confidential information in multi-cluster environments -- and how to make that …

Mirantis Newsletter for August 2021

Every month, the team at Mirantis sends out a newsletter chronicling top industry and company news. Below you'll find links to thought leadership articles, blogs, tutorials, and the latest updates to our enterprise and open source products. If you don't currently receive the newsletter, you can subscribe using the form on the right. Press Release Mirantis Achieves New FIPS 140-2 Validation …

How to Deploy and Monitor a Kubernetes Cluster Using Mirantis Container Cloud on Equinix Metal

One of the beautiful advantages of multi-cloud is the flexibility to choose the best cloud infrastructure for each of your workloads. For latency-sensitive applications like trading, telecommunications, MMORPGs, and telemedicine, this means having infrastructure close to customers and internet exchanges so you can shave off precious milliseconds from packet round-trip time. Here at Mirantis, we are super excited to partner …

Your App Deserves More than Kubernetes Ingress: Kubernetes Ingress vs. Istio Gateway [webinar]

Any application running at production scale should have an “Ingress” to expose itself to the outside world. While Kubernetes provides the “Ingress” resource for this purpose, its feature set is limited depending on the kind of Ingress Controller (usually nginx) being used. Alternatively, you can leverage Istio and take advantage of its more feature-rich Ingress Gateway resource, even if your application …

How to access & install desktop GUI for Ubuntu cloud servers

One great thing about cloud computing is that it provides you an opportunity to easily run other operating systems -- for example, I have a Mac laptop but often need Ubuntu -- but unfortunately, getting access to the GUI for things like the browser or other non-command-line tasks often isn't available out of the box. Fortunately, it's straightforward if you …

Lens Kubernetes IDE quick tip:  keyboard shortcuts and the command palette

Lens provides a handy Kubernetes dashboard, but some people prefer not to click around with their mouse any more than absolutely necessary, and would rather use keyboard shortcuts.

What now??? (or, From zero to OpenStack-hosted website in 4 easy steps)

Everyone thinks that the hard part is deploying OpenStack, but really, with the right distribution it’s easy. Once you’ve done that, how do you actually get something useful out of it?

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