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How to Increase the Probability of a VNF Working with Your Cloud – Q&A

There’s a lot involved in making sure a VNF will work in your cloud, and we discussed a lot of it, including the obscurities.

What can NFV do for a business?

Telcos, multiple-system operators (MSOs i.e. cable & satellite providers), and network providers are under pressure on several fronts.

Writing VNFs for OPNFV

The entire OPNFV stack, ultimately, serves one purpose: to run virtual network functions (VNFs) that in turn constitute network services.

What should operators consider when deploying NFV

For subscriber-aware applications, the agility of NFV can be easily lost, but you can recover that agility by using a built-in vUDR, or Subscriber Data Management as a Service.

OpenStack Summit: IoT, VNFs, and Security Services – How do they work together?

OpenStack, Security, NFV and VNFs, and the Internet of Things: it’s all linked together.

Advanced Security Service Insertion in OpenStack Cloud

As IT organizations increasingly look to leverage cloud computing to improve agility and economics, OpenStack is gaining enormous momentum as a preferred tool for building new on-premise cloud datacenters.