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Today I Learned: How to Enable SSH With Keypair Login on Windows Server 2019

When deploying automatically to Windows Server 2019, you have the option to use SSH, which can be more convenient than Linux-native operators.

Windows Worker Nodes for Docker Enterprise Kubernetes: Easily add and scale Windows workload capacity

Docker Enterprise 3.1 with Kubernetes 1.17 lets you easily add Windows Kubernetes workers to a cluster (cluster master nodes must still run on Linux), mixing them optionally with Linux workers. Newly-joined Windows workers are immediately recognized by Docker Enterprise Kubernetes, and workloads can be scheduled on them reliably via the nodeSelector element in a deployment spec.  The ability to orchestrate Windows-based …

Get Your Windows Apps Ready for Kubernetes

Historically, the Kubernetes orchestrator has been focused on Linux-based workloads, but Windows has started to play a larger part in the ecosystem.

5 Reasons to Containerize Production Windows Apps on Docker Enterprise

We started working with Microsoft five years ago to containerize Windows Server applications. Today, many of our enterprise customers run Windows containers in production. We’ve seen customers containerize everything from 15 year old Windows .NET 1.1 applications to new ASP.NET applications. If you haven’t started containerizing Windows applications and running them in production, here are five great reasons to get started: 1. …

Introducing Docker’s Windows Server Application Migration Program

Last week, Docker announced the Docker Windows Server Application Migration Program, designed to help companies quickly and easily migrate and modernize legacy Windows Server 2008 applications while driving continuous innovation across any application, anywhere. We recognize that Windows Server 2008 is one of the most widely used operating systems today and the coming end-of-support in January 2020 leaves IT organizations with few viable …

Extending Kubernetes to Windows Server with Docker Enterprise Edition

Docker and Microsoft have been working together since 2014 to bring containers to Windows and .NET applications. Today at DockerCon, we share the next step in this partnership with the preview and demonstration of Kubernetes on Windows Server with Docker Enterprise Edition. Docker and Microsoft Advance Windows Containers Docker and Microsoft brought container technology into Windows Server 2016, ensuring consistency for the same Docker Compose …

New Features of Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 – Top 12 Questions from the Docker Virtual Event

In the recent Docker Virtual Event, Unveiling Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0, we demonstrated some of the key new capabilities of the Docker Enterprise Edition – the enterprise-ready container platform that enables IT leaders to choose how to cost-effectively build and manage their entire application portfolio at their own pace, without fear of architecture and infrastructure lock-in. Designed to address enterprise customers’ needs, …

Linux and Windows, living together, total chaos! (OK, Kubernetes 1.5)

With Kubernetes 1.5, it’s finally possible to build a single hybrid clustered application that includes both Windows and Linux components interacting with each other.

OpenStack Swift-Compatible Windows Clients: How Do They Stack Up?

As you may already know, OpenStack Swift doesn’t provide a home-grown client–that is, user-friendly software that includes a practical GUI and various features like those you can find for commercial projects such as Amazon S3 or Dropbox–for any platform.

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