The Mirantis Approach

The core value of OpenStack® is its future: it will always let you build and run your cloud infrastructure with tremendous freedom of choice, from the bare metal up. Done right, it needs no opaque packaging, no captive hooks or limitations on stack components.

At Mirantis, our services are founded on building out your cloud with the power of that transparency. We validate the most stable upstream OpenStack code base and pass it through directly into your implementation and operations.

And as we implement to customer-specific requirements, we submit any and all fixes back to the project. That way, everything you learn and we learn strengthens the vitality, independence and common purpose of the OpenStack® open source cloud.

Others may choose to ‘improve’ open source cloud stack with their own exclusive technology. At Mirantis, we believe in one choice above all others: freedom of choice. It locks in benefits of collaborative innovation, across the most inclusive possible base of participants and beneficiaries.

That’s what makes steadfast stewardship of OpenStack standards a core principle across our software and services offerings – and the best assurance of a vigorous, independent, prosperous OpenStack ecosystem that scales out and grows cloud computing well into the future.