OpenStack® Technology

What OpenStack Open Source Cloud can do for you

The OpenStack project was established to deliver the full benefits of cloud computing platforms in a more open, flexible software code base. By leveraging the innovative forces of open source development and licensing, it has created a powerful platform that standardizes the moving parts of cloud infrastructure.

Bootcamp for OpenStack Essex architecture diagram Essex Nova VM deployment request flow VMWare and OpenStack
An overview of the OpenStack Platform Key Components
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Understanding the component architecture of the Essex release of OpenStack Request Flow: What happens when you deploy a VM in OpenStack Nova Compute How to compare VMware and OpenStack

OpenStack provides the following standardized components to use in your cloud infrastructure:

  • OpenStack Compute creates a scalable, reliable cloud computing platform, with industry-standard control panels and APIs that let you provision, orchestrate and manage a fabric of virtual machines and networks, complete with security and redundancy. It is not locked into any hardware or hypervisor, and works from the bare metal up to provide agile, elastic resources for hosted applications at a fraction of the cost of proprietary cloud software or servers.
  • OpenStack Object Storage uses clusters of standard servers to store multiple petabytes of accessible data for redundant, scalable data storage. OpenStack Storage uses a distributed architecture with no central point of failure, providing greater scalability, redundancy, and permanence.
  • OpenStack Image Service is a set of discovery, registration, and delivery services that caches virtual disk images for on-demand deployment. By offering a standard REST interface, it simplifies both querying information about virtual disk images as well as invoking them to launch virtual machines hosting any arbitrary service or application.

Most important, of course, is the openness of the OpenStack development and innovation model. Beholden to no one vendor, OpenStack provides you with a standards-based, resilient, well-supported cloud operating platform that puts you in full control of your cloud destiny.