Success Stories

Leading technology companies are turning to Mirantis to put the OpenStack Cloud Operating System Platform to work. Our deeply skilled enginers have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with a wide range of organizations to design, deploy, and operate public and private cloud infrastructure, in whole or in part. With a proven track record building IaaS platforms for some of the world’s most demanding technology providers, Mirantis OpenStack has the agility and the resources you will need to get your cloud delivered.

PayPal, the world’s leading online payment processing company, built its OpenStack cloud to accelerate innovation without compromising its requirement of 99.9999% availability. Working with Mirantis and the Fuel open source OpenStack control plane helped PayPal to build its cloud faster, and to cut the time its application developers needed to introduce new customer-facing features by orders of magnitude – all without compromise to financial-service grade security and compliance requirements. LEARN MORE
To support new applications and services more effectively, Cisco WebEx is embracing cloud computing and a more agile development process based on OpenStack cloud. To ensure completion of their OpenStack cloud on time and within budget, the WebEx team turned to Mirantis engineers and architects, who brought the OpenStack and cloud domain skills that would help the WebEx team plan and execute successfully. READ MORE
The Gap used OpenStack to migrate key legacy application functionality off of costly proprietary virtualization and onto a more nimble, transparent operations infrastructure. The critical success factor: building an agile operations environment which could quickly make infrastructure changes in tandem with the dynamics of a high-velocity B2C business model. They turned to Mirantis to design and implement OpenStack with an emphasis on integration with legacy systems. READ MORE
AT&T has invested significantly in OpenStack, both to press forward the frontiers of its applications services portfolio for its wide range of customers and developers, and to provide an internal platform for migration of legacy systems onto the OpenStack cloud. Mirantis was chosen by AT&T to architect, design and implement key services within this large-scale OpenStack IaaS cloud, extending OpenStack projects to new use cases not found in traditional public service providers. LEARN MORE
Annai Systems is applying OpenStack technology to analyzing large volumes of genomic data for personalized healthcare and medical research. By providing a “Data Management Platform as a Service,” Annai lets researchers to run advanced genomics algorithms using a combination commercial and open source tools in their cloud. Mirantis built and optimized this high-speed data crunching environment, using Fuel to iteratively tune it to fit the broad range of research use cases required in this cutting edge life-sciences domain.  READ MORE
Dell Dell is a major investor in OpenStack and a significant contributor to the codebase. It has a broad offering of OpenStack solution components, reference architectures and supporting knowledge bases and other resources. Mirantis has partnered with Dell through numerous OpenStack engagements, both with Dell and its customers, as well as collaborating with technical staff in Dell’s cloud product initiatives.
Hortonworks, the open source Hadoop data platform company, collaborates with Mirantis in the community to develop project Savanna, the newly incubated OpenStack project. Savanna simplifies deployment and implementation of Hadoop on OpenStack cloud infrastructure, to accelerate deployment and streamline provisioning of infrastructure. Hortonworks chose Mirantis and Fuel to deploy their own internal development and test cloud.
Intel is transitioning key portions of its IT infrastructure to run on OpenStack, and worked with Mirantis in development of the Murano project for Windows on OpenStack. They chose Mirantis and Fuel to architect and implement an OpenStack IaaS private cloud that could run a broad range of Windows applications at scale, to cut the cost and improve the flexibility of their private cloud resources.
Cisco is a key member of the OpenStack community, and has invested substantially in the project as a centerpiece of its cloud strategy. Mirantis has worked with Cisco to help accelerate technical uptake of OpenStack, to integrate infrastructure with key Cisco service offerings, and to deliver implementations of compute and network interoperability code contributed to the OpenStack Project as part of the recent releases.
Huawei has one of the world’s largest engineering cloud infrastructures, and is aggressively investing in OpenStack to both improve product development agility and to address public and private cloud opportunities with their telco and enterprise customers. They chose Mirantis to design, build and implemente a self-service engineering cloud that would cut the cost of IT services for their design teams and reduce the overhead of maintaining a compute infrastructure for third-party engineering collaboration. READ MORE
Internap Internap launched the first commercially available public cloud compute service based on the OpenStack open source platform. Internap’s Open Public Cloud compute service delivers high-performance, on-demand provisioning and scaling of enterprise computing capacity. Mirantis worked with Internap to integrate and implement this innovative commercial cloud service, with leading edge high-performance, on-demand provisioning and scaling – all free of proprietary platform lock-in.
iSuperGrid iSuperGrid is the leading China-based commercial information cloud service provider. They deliver OpenStack-based cloud services to digital health, education and media/entertainment markets segments in China and worldwide. Working with Mirantis, iSuperGrid is deploying an OpenStack cloud numbering into the thousands of nodes, providing high-performance computing and versatile hosting to new markets.
Meshin Logo Meshin, a Xerox-funded incubator project at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), set out to create a business calendar app for Evernote to bring together information scattered across multiple, incompatible cloud services into one daily go-to app for on-the-go professionals. Mirantis helped Meshin build an integrated cloud platform. READ MORE
NASA As one of the founding members of OpenStack and originators of the Nova compute platform through the federal government’s Nebula initiative, NASA is leading US Federal government efforts to go to cloud. NASA’s cloud fabric, numbering hundreds of nodes, runs diverse workloads ranging from tracking tornado trajectories, to studying nutrient dispersion in the Gulf of Mexico, to crunching the numbers on downloads of deep space astrophysics data.
Nexenta Nexenta Systems is the world’s leading provider of enterprise-class OpenStorage solutions. Their flagship software-only platform, NexentaStor, delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage management, based on Open Storage ZFS technology. Nexenta and Mirantis have collaborated to integrate the NexentaStor appliance with the OpenStack compute fabric through the OpenStack Nova (Compute) Volume Service.