Infinite Possibilities.

What is a ZeroOps business? What is the value of ZeroOps?

ZeroOps enables a business to focus all its energy on creating extraordinary products and services. ZeroOps is achieved by combining Automation and Cloud Native Expertise to deliver an as-a-Service experience across public and private infrastructure.

+ Balanced automation and cloud native expertise + Experienced global talent pool
+ Flexible products enabled through opensource

Life with ZeroOps

Liberate yourself from mundane tasks to focus on your unique needs

  • For developers, ZeroOps means no more struggling to deal with infrastructure such as CI/CD setup and connections to repositories, faster turnaround on new development and new features, and faster go-to-market. It means time to think about what features and functionality would actually provide value to your company, rather than constantly running to plug holes.

  • For operators, it means having the time to really evaluate the best infrastructure solutions for you, based on the applications you have and want to build, because you will no longer be buried in tickets that can be easily handled by our team. And when the not-so-simple things come up, we’ll be there to ensure there is nothing holding you back from accomplishing your core mission.

  • For companies, it means being more agile and constantly providing a better experience for your customers, leading to increased revenue.

What is ZeroOps and how does it help?

ZeroOps is what happens when we combine intelligent automation with our managed services offerings and cloud native expertise to deliver an as-a-Service experience to our customers so that they no longer have to focus on aspects of operations not directly related to their core mission.

ZeroOps provides:

A balance of automation and cloud native expertise: While technologies such as AIOps hold the promise of smart automation, they are not yet at a stage where you can turn over all monitoring, fault detection, and remediation to them. You need experts with real cloud native expertise to evaluate what’s going on and to deal with anomalous situations, as well as to work with your own operations people and help them to understand.

Access to a global talent pool: One of the hardest things about running a technical operation these days is finding skilled resources. Mirantis has a deep bench of cloud experts all over the world, making it possible to deal with problems locally — and in your language and time zone.

Support “Shift Left”: As DevOps philosophies require developers to handle more of the security, testing, and infrastructure decisions for their applications earlier in the process, these tasks “shift left”. ZeroOps enables that shift by providing a self-service environment for developers.

Enable “Shift Right”: It’s no longer enough to simply deploy an application; You must also manage and monitor it. Mirantis ZeroOps operations take these problems off your hands, working with your operations teams to ensure that your applications are reliable and robust.

A mature approach to implementing automation: When automation is implemented it should be done intelligently and with an eye toward everything that entails, from accountability to monitoring and auditing. ZeroOps provides this automation so that you don’t have to.

Self-Service through Automation: All your developers should need to worry about is building your applications. ZeroOps provides an environment where they can get whatever they need on their own, right away, without compromising the integrity of your infrastructure through shadow IT or ad hoc deployments.

ZeroOps is the future

ZeroOps is the natural evolution of IT operations. The infinite possibilities and incredible experiences that can be created with these fabulous tools to enable your business is mind boggling. We are in the infancy of so many new technologies; it’s impossible to imagine the applications companies will be creating even in the next few years.

ZeroOps liberates you and your people, allowing you to feel that freedom that enables you to move forward.