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Introducing Lens AppIQ: App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management

What is ZeroOps?

Focus on what’s important. Let Mirantis take care of everything else.

Applications and services drive value - we all know that. Naturally, you want to deliver them better, faster, and with greater certainty. But for many organizations, cloud complexity is a HUGE barrier, with steep learning curves, risks and costs, and unpredictable outcomes.

With ZeroOps, you can take your time back and focus on what you need to do.

How Things Are Now vs. ZeroOps

For Developers

Developers Now

- Mounting pressure from the business to deliver applications faster- Less than 50% of time spent coding- 20+% of “coding” time spent in Kubernetes operations and creating and maintaining DIY workflows

With ZeroOps

+ More time in the day to innovate, create, and leverage new opportunities for your company+ Spend 80+% of your time actually writing code+ Spend far less time (or zero time) on ops, and gain the ability to create automation for further improvement


For Operators

Operators Now

- DIY cloud projects drag on, slowed by complexity and skill-gaps, and often fail- Single-vendor cloud solutions lock users into proprietary technologies and higher costs for years at a time- In a hypercompetitive tech economy, it’s harder than ever to find and hire critical platform engineering and DevOps skills

With ZeroOps

+ You deliver fully-managed clouds rapidly, so your organization can focus on building applications+ Open-source-derived technologies enable rapid access to new features, without you having to be responsible for integrating them. No vendor lock-in+ Mirantis ZeroOps has plenty of expert cloud native engineering talent, ready to help you when you need it.



Why ZeroOps?

ZeroOps changes all of that by giving you time back, so you can focus on building applications and value. It’s a comprehensive playbook and toolkit for providing applications and services flexibly, scalably, and repeatedly.

How it’s done

ZeroOps combines Mirantis’ deep domain knowledge of cloud native technologies with smart automation and an optimized solution stack, so you can leverage all the benefits of automated platforms, anywhere.

Unified interface for all your infra: Mirantis Container Cloud gives you a single console to manage your entire hybrid infrastructure estate.

Zero-downtime updates: No more scheduling work around updates. Get access to new features faster—with zero downtime for clusters and workloads.

Self-service for developers: Give your developers the power to effortlessly create, observe, and manage Kubernetes clusters, all with custom guardrails.

ZeroOps where you need it

Mirantis ZeroOps products and services are modular, and can be applied at any scale that’s right for your business. We can help you accelerate modern application development on any Kubernetes or cloud platform, starting with a single project or workflow requiring improvement.

Or we can deliver a full-stack, enterprise-spanning solution that speeds application delivery and operations for your whole organization.

It’s up to you.

ZeroOps lets you do it all - without the complexity, painful and risky learning-curves, hard-to-predict costs, unpredictable outcomes, long-term timesucks, and distractions of wrangling clouds yourself. ZeroOps gives you back the gift of time.


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