Case Study | 3:02

Tata Communications Case Study

Learn how Tata Communications is growing its enterprise cloud services using Mirantis and Intel technologies.

Case Study | 1:52

Volkswagen Group Case Study

Volkswagen drives innovation across business and consumer applications with agile infrastructure from Mirantis

Case Study | 8:43

AT&T Entertainment Group (DirecTV) Case Study

Watch AT&T Entertainment Group discuss how they applied core concepts of virtualization and cloud-native designs to launch the DIRECTV NOW streaming service.

Case Study | 39:04

Reliance Jio Case Study

Discover how Reliance Jio uses Mirantis Cloud Platform to disrupt the telecom industry in India, rapidly innovating with continuous access to the latest open source infrastructure.

Case Study | 4:49

Adobe Case Study

Case study interview of Adobe about their OpenStack deployment

Demo | 11:54

Kubernetes Virtlet & OpenContrail

See how Virtlet lets you run VMs on Kubernetes, so that you can have your VMs and containers on the same OpenContrail network.

Overview | 2:05

Mirantis & Intel NFV Solutions

Learn about NFV solutions from Mirantis and Intel and how they can help telecommunications companies stay competitive by increasing IT and network agility while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Demo | 28:05

Upgrading OpenStack Mitaka to Ocata in MCP

Jakub Pavlik demonstrates upgrading across two versions of OpenStack using Mirantis Cloud Platform.

Overview | 3:07

DriveTrain LCM

Automate seamless upgrades of OpenStack, OpenContrail or other components of Mirantis Cloud Platform with the DriveTrain lifecycle management system.

Overview | 1:14

StackLight OSS

Manage MCP OpenStack and Kubernetes with StackLight - now offering DevOps Portal for simple access to intelligent monitoring and automation for your multi-cloud MCP environment.

Overview | 1:40

Kubernetes for MCP

Expand your business agility with Kubernetes container orchestration and Calico Layer 3 container SDN. MCP can deploy and manage scale-out Kubernetes clusters on bare metal, or with optional CaaS, provide clusters on demand, on local or AWS-hosted virtual machines.

Demo | 17:19

CaaS Demo with AWS

Watch a demo of Mirantis Containers-as-a-Service and how you can use it to manage Kubernetes clusters on AWS.

Overview | 3:00

MCP Overview

Mirantis Cloud Platform 1.0 is a new evolution in open cloud: Able to host VMs, containers, or bare metal workloads; deployed and lifecycle-managed via CI/CD and idempotent template automation; with built-in logging, metering and alerting for accelerated operations and/or remote management.

Demo | 8:58

CaaS Demo with Azure

KQueen provides vendor-independent Kubernetes deployment; in this demo, we'll show you how that works.