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Introducing Lens AppIQ: App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management

With ZeroOps,
you do the apps.
We do the ops.

The easiest way to run modern apps anywhere, using Kubernetes.

More than 50,000 organizations use Mirantis products every single day.

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One Million +

Active Users

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21.5k +

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10 Million +


Kubernetes IDE

Container Platform

Private Cloud Platform

Application Delivery Hub

Kubernetes IDE

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Kubernetes is the OS for the cloud. Thousands of businesses and people develop and operate their Kubernetes on Lens — The largest and most advanced Kubernetes platform in the world.


VIDEO: Introduction to Lens

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Move faster with Kubernetes

You’ve started your container journey. Now you want to execute faster, at scale. Avoid costly mistakes with the right platforms and expertise to help you properly scale with microservices.

With Mirantis, you have an experienced partner to help you aggressively innovate and drive transformation using Kubernetes.

Cloud expectation vs. reality

Expectation: Developers are broadly comfortable with cloud native automation…

Expectation: All developers are DevOps engineers…

Expectation: Infrastructure management is a solved problem…

Expectation: Public cloud is easier than on-premises cloud…

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DIAGRAM: What steals a developer’s time

What customers are saying…

Today, we have a successfully migrated application that went from a legacy AWS Kubernetes cluster to a scaled, much more modern solution.”

Mike Baldassare, Director of Product and Engineering Operations, Choozle using Lens Autopilot

The team at Mirantis rocks. It’s your willingness to work through the challenges that keeps us coming back for more.”

John Sengenberger, Sr. Platform Architect, Netskope, using Mirantis OpenStack

We have people from Mirantis working with us on a day-to-day basis; when we are doing major upgrades or working on a complex incident, we can work with Mirantis experts and even their development team.”

Florent Carre, Cloud Infrastructure Specialist at Société Générale, using Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

What customers are saying...

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Eliminate roadblocks to agility

Why struggle with Kubernetes when an experienced team can tune and run your environments for you? Focus your time on developing great customer applications, and we’ll help you securely run and scale your deployments

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