Mirantis Acquires Docker Enterprise Platform Business


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Best Developer Experience

  • Self-service
  • Continuously updated
  • Delivered as-a-service


  • Any cloud or on prem
  • Consistent experience
  • Developer choice


  • App portability
  • Rapid innovation
  • No lock-in

Experience Open Cloud

Consistent Experience Across Platform Providers

By standardizing on Kubernetes as an open platform across your infrastructure, you’ll gain flexibility and control while your application teams will gain workload portability and a consistent UI/API experience across clouds, freeing them up to innovate with greater velocity.

Continuously Delivered, Automated Updates

Our unique lifecycle management approach will ensure your Mirantis software remains up to date with the latest features and fixes, while safely applying those updates to your environment.

Full Stack Support

With Mirantis, you gain support from open source experts for the dozens of components you need to run complex, distributed cloud infrastructure at scale, with the strategic flexibility and access to innovation that comes with pure open source software.


Mirantis Open Cloud

opencloud-diagram opencloud-diagram

Mirantis Kubernetes

  • Hardened Open Source Kubernetes
  • Continuously Delivered, Automatically Updated
  • Multi-Cloud Application Portability

Mirantis OpenStack

  • Proven Enterprise-Grade Distro
  • Fully Containerized for Kubernetes Automated Updates

Mirantis Ceph

  • Designed For Massive Scale
  • Containerized Deployment With Rook
  • Supports Both Kubernetes and OpenStack

Docker Enterprise:
The Market Leader


Docker Enterprise:
The Market Leader

#1 Container Platform

Forrester New Wave report highlights Docker Enterprise as the industry leader


Application Modernization Services

Let Mirantis be your guide on the journey to cloud-native, on any Kubernetes distro. Mirantis offers a portfolio of services to help your team containerize with Kubernetes at any point in your journey to Cloud-Native, whether you’re using Mirantis Kubernetes or another distro.


Enable Your Team

  • Application Assessments
  • Security Best Practices
  • Selection of Dev Frameworks

Migrate Your Apps

  • Application Migration Services
  • Containerizing Apps for Kubernetes

Accelerate Innovation

  • DevOps Best Practices
  • Application Architecture
  • Stateless/Stateful Applications
  • Microservices & Serverless
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Service Mesh

Customers That Trust Mirantis

“As the automotive industry shifts to the service economy, Volkswagen is poised for agile software innovation. Mirantis enables us to drive cloud transformation, helping our developers build and deliver software faster.”

— Mario Müller, VP of IT infrastructure, Volkswagen

How to Use Service Mesh with VMs and Containers