We build and manage private cloud infrastructure with no vendor lock-in


We build web-scale OpenStack clouds using our industry-leading OpenStack distribution, experience with hundreds of enterprise deployments, and easy-to-use tooling for onboarding workloads.

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We run OpenStack deployment, operations and change management, and proactively resolve issues 24x7x365 throughout the lifecycle of your cloud. Use our managed services to enable you to focus on your business while allowing us to focus on OpenStack for you.

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We transfer cloud operations to you on your terms, with our comprehensive, customized and phased transfer plan including a step-by-step onramp methodology that is customized for your needs.

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Meet Mirantis OpenStack

  • Web Scale
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Easy to Onboard Workloads

As the OpenStack cloud deployed by more customers than any other, our distribution gives you the reliability you expect from traditional virtualization with the flexibility you need.

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