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Modern Application
Development & Delivery Solutions

Accelerate delivery of secure, easy-to-operate
cloud native applications

Mirantis Modern Application Development Services deliver the expertise to help you and your teams overcome any challenge, anywhere in the application lifecycle: from CI/CD to LCM automation.

We can help you build new containerized apps, modernize legacy apps into easy-to-scale-and-operate cloud native design patterns, and port apps between platforms.

Nail down timelines. Accelerate deliverables. Guarantee results.

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Dev Acceleration

The learning curve for cloud native software development is steep. We help you harness DevOps principles, automation, and Agile software engineering best-practices—so you can increase developer productivity and get to production faster.

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Platform Engineering

Get the infrastructure your developers deserve—without the time-sink of building it yourself. We engineer, maintain, and manage your CI/CD, testing, DevOps automation, monitoring, cost optimization, and more.


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Application Assessment and Modernization

We help you build the tooling you need to deliver modern apps—and modernize all your apps at once. You get modern apps in a hurry, so you can deliver great customer experiences and improve cloud and infrastructure ROI.


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Workload Migration

Expert guidance for an end-to-end migration strategy that aligns with your needs. Once the plan is in place, we help you execute—giving you greater flexibility, performance, security, and cost savings.



One-stop Kubernetes solutions to accelerate innovation

Wherever you run your clusters, our Kubernetes tooling, platforms, and services reduce costs and help SaaS innovators move faster.


700 Apps Assessed in 3 Months

Converted for Kubernetes in Under a Year

Mirantis experts leverage the Mirantis Application Migration and Modernization Platform to migrate you to the cloud 6x faster than conventional methods. Mirantis AMMP tools can assess 700+ applications in under three months, converting these for containers and Kubernetes in under one year.

Our customers save on the order of 20,000 person-hours for a typical migration/modernization project, and skip the budget stress, hiring, and organizational distractions of DIY migration and modernization efforts.

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Discover the Value of Mirantis Services

Mirantis Services empowers customers to create extraordinary experiences by providing expertise and guidance at any stage of the journey. Our experts combine cloud native technology with years of experience and proven methodologies to help customers optimize the cloud. We deliver tailored solutions for your unique needs.

We are not just another vendor: we are a true cloud partner.

Deep expertise: We are long-time OpenStack experts and leaders in containers with extensive open-source expertise.

Customer-first approach. It’s your cloud journey. We get you to where you want to be.

Collaborative and transparent: We work openly and honestly with you, communicating along the way.

Adaptive: We are committed to tackling big challenges and delivering excellence.

Innovative: Our engineers take an iterative approach that fuels growth.


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