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Service Brief:

Mirantis Application Modernization

Migrating to Cloud-Native Can be a Nightmare - But it Doesn’t Have to be

Companies of all sizes are going cloud-native to innovate more at scale.

Unfortunately, migrating to a cloud-native infrastructure is resource-intensive and a complex endeavor that requires a massive amount of planning and expertise.

The good news: We have a quick and painless way you can migrate to cloud native infrastructure: Mirantis Application Services. 

With Mirantis Application Services, you can… 

  1. Quickly get your apps running on any Kubernetes platform

  2. Save significant amounts of time NOT using traditional methods of migration

  3. Modernize at scale - modernize more apps, faster. (months vs 1 year+)

  4. Migrate to the cloud with supreme confidence.

  5. Enhance application quality and performance while delivering new capabilities

  6. Reduce risk with enhanced stability

  7. Reduce costs with higher density of applications

To see how quick and easy we make cloud-native migration, download now and see the simple steps you can take to seamlessly and confidently migrate to a cloud-native infrastructure.