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When you head to production with Mirantis Cloud Platform – or whenever you need responsive and expert level support to ensure your timetable meets its goals – you can find peace of mind in knowing that we have your back. Once Mirantis Cloud Platform is installed, you can be assured that we will help you maximize the uptime and the value of your solution. You can trust your critical business system with Mirantis, a company with the highest level of Open Cloud technical know-how and customer satisfaction.

Subscription Support 8 × 5 24 × 7 MMO
Remote incident resolution
Product & Security Bulletins
Knowledge Base
Designated Customer Contacts 3 10 Unlimited
Maximum Release Support Duration 3 years 3 years 3 years
Enhanced SLA
Up to 99.99%
3rd party Cooperation via TSANet
Monitoring & Proactive Incident Management
Remote Operations & Lifecycle Management
Customer Success Manager (CSM)
Proactive Cloud Maintenance Planning
Monthly Reporting & Quarterly Business Reviews
Customer Advocacy and Roadmap Planning

Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)

8 × 5 24 × 7 MMO
Minimum Term 1 year 1 year 1 year
Hours of Direct Support 9am-5pm 24 × 7 24 × 7
Access Phone, web, email
Severity 1 Response 4 business hours 1 hours 15 minutes
Severity 2 Response 8 business hours 2 hours 1 hour
Severity 3 Response 24 business hours 4 business hours 4 business hours
Severity 4 Response 48 business hours 8 business hours 8 business hours

Support Options and Service Level Agreements

We offer three levels of support for Mirantis Cloud Platform that are tailored for development/non-production, business and mission critical or fully managed clouds.

We understand the critical nature of a private cloud and will provide a support onboarding process to gather deployment information, set up support processes and train your IT operations team on those processes. We will also provide a clearly identified escalation process should a case resolution not meet your expectations. For Mirantis Managed OpenStack (MMO), mapping our IT operations processes to the needs of your business is included in the offering, providing the best methodology for running your cloud within the constructs of your processes.

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Scope of Support for Mirantis Cloud Platform

  • Support Includes

    • Assisting customers with problems encountered during installation, regular operations and maintenance
    • Clarifying features and functions
    • Providing guidance on configuration settings
    • Troubleshooting product issues, failures, or outages
    • Delivering bug fixes or patches (dependent on product release level)
    • Assisting customers in applying software fixes or patches via DriveTrain
    • Taking inputs for community advocacy
  • Support Excludes

    • Customizations to Mirantis OpenStack software or replacing Mirantis OpenStack packages with modified ones
    • Deployment of Mirantis OpenStack software using tools outside of Fuel
    • Unvalidated third-party software such as drivers, hardware, hypervisors, host OS, SDN frameworks
    • Performing actual hands-on deployment, management or maintenance of your Mirantis OpenStack cloud
    • Environments that deviate from the Mirantis Reference Architecture
    • Community projects upon which enterprise releases are based
    • Code development
    • Workload onboarding or migration
    • Training
    • System and network design
    • Implementation and development of security rules and policies or security certifications
    • Technology preview features

Multi-vendor Case Ownership

Customers purchasing 24×7 support or MMO get Mirantis as the single point of contact for issues with unclear root-cause (e.g. may be a Mirantis or a 3rd party problem). This is a superior experience over having to chase vendors on your own. We will take ownership for third-party cooperation through TSANet — the multi-vendor support community. The assumption, of course, is that you have purchased a direct support contract with the 3rd party and that the 3rd party has a presence on TSANet.


Additional Community Resources


  • Ask OpenStack or post to
  • IRC Channel #openstack, #openstack-salt



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