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Application Migration and Modernization

Shed technical debt and reduce costs by modernizing legacy apps into cloud-native forms for Kubernetes

Migrating from one cloud platform to another doesn’t need to be a series of insurmountable hill-climbs and risky moonshots, with undependable payoffs. One big migration question for most orgs: what do we do about existing applications? Getting started is half the battle. Knowing how or where is a barrier for most organizations. Those who do attempt an app modernization project often stumble. 79% of app modernization projects fail.

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Mirantis can help. Our Application Migration and Modernization services combine expertise with a customer-tested-and-validated playbook and toolkit – the Mirantis Application Migration and Modernization Platform (AMPP). We can help you:

Improve agility and lower cost: Unlock existing applications from your current cloud platform and other dependencies (e.g., expensive underlying host OS licensing terms) and move them and their dependencies efficiently to any new platform – in the process, enabling lower TCO, improved performance, resilience, efficiency, and easier maintenance and operations.

Proven strategy: Refactor or rebuild mission-critical conventional applications (including hard-to-maintain legacy applications) to leverage container and orchestration technologies like Kubernetes – enabling maximum efficiency, self-scaling, self-healing, and easy maintenance, and keeping apps future-proofed.

Level up your modern application development game: Accelerate development of efficient modern apps with workflows, toolchains, and best practices developed for your modernization efforts.


App Modernization at Scale:
A Plan for 600% Faster Cloud Native Transformation


How it Works: Simple Steps Ensure Success

Mirantis experts will leverage the AMPP, which embodies a proven framework for delivering results in efficient, predictable timeframes:

Assess: We inventory your application portfolio using agentless tools to assess running applications and static analysis tools to examine source repositories. Output is an X-Ray report cataloging all applications, a deep-dive assessment of apps by type and architecture, and an Application Migration Map recommending next steps and estimating difficulty.

Rationalize and Prioritize: Mirantis experts review assessment outputs with application owners to prioritize apps for migration/modernization, based on technical and business requirements.

Transform and Govern: Mirantis software development experts join seamlessly with your team: specifying and building automated workflows with CI/CD, security scanning, GitOps and other modern paradigms. We also fine-tune your platform for production, optionally integrating open source solutions for improved network management, security, backup, observability, and disaster recovery.

Validate and Deploy: Mirantis DevOps experts assemble deployment blueprints to operationalize your applications on the new target platform, developing automations to enable deployment, scaling, and lifecycle management. First iterations are deployed and thoroughly tested on staging environments before deployment to production.

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Big Benefits and Guaranteed ROI

Mirantis Application Migration and Modernization delivers for your organization, to the tune of hundreds of apps modernized in under 12 months. Our AMMP platform:

Speeds ROI from cloud migration projects, while bypassing long learning curves.

Helps you adopt cloud native best practices for software development.

Curtails costs, risks, friction, and overheads of legacy applications.

Improves application security, resilience, and operational efficiency.

Best, Mirantis AMMP frees your developers from the grind of building modern app workflows and tooling, and the toil of migrating and modernizing apps to new cloud native platforms. Instead, your teams can focus on new applications, pushing code, and building value.


App Modernization for Cloud Mobility:
Achieving Cheaper & Flexible Multi-Cloud


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