Why Mirantis?

Mirantis Cloud Platform provides a unified infrastructure software solution for bare metal, VMs, and containers. We’re leading contributors and experts in multiple open source projects and communities, including OpenStack and Kubernetes. If you’re ambitious and thrive on working with the world’s largest companies to solve tough real-world problems together with a smart, motivated team, you want to work here. We want you to work here too.

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What Employees Are Saying

“Mirantis is a fast-paced company made up of intelligent, ambitious, hard working, and good people. It’s exciting knowing I work for a company with limitless opportunities.”

Christina, Administration

“I joined Mirantis to lead diverse projects and to work with talented people who are dedicated to getting results. I find the culture to be open and approachable while being highly energetic.”

Roman, Engineering

“I enjoy the privilege to work with some of the best and ridiculously motivated minds in the industry. It’s addictive to be able to make a big impact every day when nobody is holding you back.”

T​homas, Solutions

“Even though Mirantis is an established company at this point, it still feels like I work in a startup, being nimble and continuously evolving at lighting speed.”

Radu, Services

Mirantis Cloud Platform
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