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VMware Alternatives

Move to an open source, cloud native solution with no vendor lock-in

It’s time to move on from traditional virtualization

VMware was great, but times have changed. Enterprises need more scalable, cost-effective, and future-proof solutions. The possible Broadcom takeover poses great risk and uncertainty for VMware customers. Now’s the time to learn about proven open source alternatives.

Virtualization without the vTax

OpenStack is a mature technology that drastically lowers the costs of virtualization. By containerizing OpenStack, we’ve made it easy to configure, scale and upgrade. Find out why industry leaders like Adobe, DocuSign,, Inmarsat, and Walmart Labs have adopted OpenStack.

Future-proof your infrastructure

You’ve got lots of virtualized workloads but want to eventually modernize. With Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes, you’ll have a single infrastructure platform for both virtualized and containerized workloads, whenever you’re ready to go cloud native.

Let our open source experts guide the way

Mirantis has industry-leading expertise in OpenStack and Kubernetes, with hundreds of production deployments. Our open source experts can assist your transition, whether you need rapid migration services, 24x7 enterprise support, or fully-managed remote operations with guaranteed outcomes.

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Customers That Trust Mirantis

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“With our confidence in Mirantis and OpenStack, Volkswagen Group is committed to going cloud first with all new applications across our 12 brands and two divisions.”


Mario Müller, Corporate Director of IT, Volkswagen Group