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Mirantis Container Runtime

Secure, industry-standard container runtime—Docker interface included.

Enterprises shouldn’t have to worry about container runtime security. That’s why we provide the same workhorse container runtime software at the heart of our ZeroOps stack on a standalone basis.

Mirantis Container Runtime provides the keystone of a secure software supply chain for organizations that need an enterprise-grade container engine and container runtime interface to build and run mission-critical containerized workloads.

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Enterprise-grade container engine

World-class security: Government, finance, and other mission-critical industries rely on Mirantis Container Runtime’s FIPS 140-2 validated security.

Simple, powerful, and standards-aligned: Whether you’re using Mirantis Container Runtime on its own or to power Kubernetes or Swarm, developers can depend on the familiar Docker API—all with a runtime that is OCI-certified and CRI-conformant via the cri-dockerd adapter.

Tested at scale: Mirantis Container Runtime powers business critical applications at the world’s leading companies, enabling teams to deploy and scale containerized apps from the data center to the edge.


Learn Kubernetes 5 Minutes at a Time

Kubernetes is notoriously challenging—but many developers are expected to learn it on the run.

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Learn Kubernetes 5 Minutes at a Time

Kubernetes is notoriously challenging—but many developers are expected to learn it on the run.

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How it works

The container runtime is the beating heart of a cloud native stack, and the crux of a secure software supply chain—the component that actually builds and runs containers.

Mirantis Container Runtime builds on the best of the open source ecosystem, bringing mission critical security and enterprise-grade support. With Mirantis Container Runtime, developers enjoy the power of the simple and familiar Docker API, whether you’re using Kubernetes, Swarm, or standalone containers.


Secure by default

Mirantis Container Runtime deploys with restricted host access, end-to-end encryption, secure mutual TLS authentication, and cryptographic node identity.


Validated security

Mirantis Container Runtime’s cryptographic module is validated by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), fulfilling key requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).


Flexibility to meet your needs

Run workloads on Linux and Windows. Orchestrate nodes in Kubernetes, Swarm, or ‘mixed’ configurations. Compatible with any CNCF-validated Kubernetes distribution.


Enforce signed images

Mirantis Container Runtime lets you validate container provenance by requiring proper digital signing of images before they can be deployed. Users are prevented from using container images or composing containers using base layers from unknown sources.

Mirantis Global Customer Support & Operations Staff

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Get started with Mirantis Container Runtime

Want to learn more—or experience the power of Mirantis Container Runtime for yourself?

Mirantis Container Runtime Trial

Check out Mirantis Container Runtime on Linux or Windows.

Mirantis Container Runtime Datasheet

Learn more about Mirantis Container Runtime provides the foundation of a secure software supply chain.

Mirantis Container Runtime Docs

Explore the Mirantis Container Runtime Deployment Guide, security notes, and other docs to get all the technical details.

Container runtime security, solved

Mirantis Container Runtime is the secure heart of our cloud native stack, powering our container orchestration platform, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, and our infrastructure command center, Mirantis Container Cloud. It integrates tightly with Mirantis Secure Registry for storing, sourcing, and signing container images.

Mirantis Container Runtime can be the first step in a transformative ZeroOps strategy, enabling you to reduce costs and accelerate development. Explore how you can build on your runtime to create a complete ZeroOps stack:

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Kubernetes, Swarm, and OpenStack for on-prem, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud—plus comprehensive managed services with guaranteed outcomes.


Faster ATO with Mirantis container solutions

Public sector teams depend on Mirantis container and open cloud platforms for mission-critical workloads.

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